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Synonyms for juiceless

lacking juice


lacking interest or stimulation


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In the more recent study, five men and four women who drank roughly two cups of blueberry juice every day for three months were better able to remember pairs of unrelated words than people in another study who drank a juiceless beverage.
Latter development results in a couple of the most bizarrely impassive, juiceless, abbreviated and, in a word, unbelievable sex scenes ever put onscreen.
Though looking and acting very well, tenor Roger Honeywell as Pinkerton was unfortunately off form: he hit the notes, and on pitch, but the tonal quality was largely juiceless, with strain on top.
The juiceless Engineers and Architects Union will take the bullet and the police and fire unions still have plenty of time to crunch the numbers before they move in for their bite of the apple.
However, with this extract as well as with several self-made extracts from seed and juiceless pulp of grapefruits (Citrus paradisi), no antimicrobial activity could be detected.
Yet Farquhar's wit and uninhibited intellectual play stood out in the local season's opening fortnight, his take on dystopia a refreshing contrast to the parade of juiceless banalities reacting, belatedly, to Robert Smithson or, grimly, to current politics.