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a vital part that is vulnerable to attack

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The neck was broken and the jugular severed as by the fangs of a wild beast.
We had to sew on the bovine jugular vein on to a stent and fold it to 14mm to fit into the tiny baby's heart, excising a part of his valve and using one part to sew this new one on.
Murree -- A woman killed his nephew, a class one student by cutting his jugular vein in native village of Union Council Sair Gharbi, Basvair in Murree within the jurisdiction of Lora Police.
Multiple hypoechogenic lesions resembling the internal jugular vein and internal carotid artery were visualised and could be differentiated from the vessels by Doppler ultrasound.
Placement of central venous catheters via the right internal jugular vein has become one of the most popular routes.
1) Here we report our experience with an injury to the left internal jugular vein by a crossbow bolt.
Keywords: Lemierre's syndrome, Internal jugular vein thrombosis, Gram negative septicemia, necrobiosisfusodobacterium, Forgotten disease.
Computed tomography (CT) of the temporal bone showed evidence of a high jugular bulb abutting the TM and the ossicular chain, with a dehiscent middle ear floor (figure, C).
Patients with Jugular and subclavian vein catheters had their chest radiographs taken for identification of Pneumothorax and positioning of the catheters.
Additionally, effects of venipuncture location (basilic vein versus jugular vein) were evaluated in male boat-tailed grackles sampled promptly after capture and banding.
Saima's children were upstairs and husband Hafiz and other relatives got back from a funeral to find her with wounds to her neck and jugular vein.
However, ultrasound remains an ideal technique for screening, and several investigators tried to measure the jugular and vertebral vein flow by the means of ECD in order to substitute the operator dependent qualitative protocol with a more objective measurement of the venous flow [24-29].
Objective: Trendelenburg positioning is a common approach used during internal jugular vein (IJV) cannulation.