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artful trickery designed to achieve an end

the performance of a juggler

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The Ambuja Neotia Group hosted 200 under-privileged children for an evening of fun, food, magic, jugglery and gifts.
Does then godliness have no promise for this life that is; is then every uplifting thought that once made you so rich in courage and confidence only a fancy, a jugglery that a child believes in, a youth hopes for, but in which someone a little older finds no blessing but only mockery and offense?
The KP budget focused on only two districts, he said adding, the budget is jugglery of words which spoke of government's anti people's policies and direction.
His jugglery stands confirmed with an interview he gave to an English paper that carried it on 19th Oct, 2003 exposing his true colours.
On top of these factors is the financial jugglery of misrepresentation of the accounts and figures.
He said, it is easy to befool through jugglery of data and facts, but ultimately work should be seen to have been done.
The budget is not at all "public friendly", but has been termed by the experts a jugglery of words, neither friendly with industry nor good for SME (Small and medium Enterprises) sector, not promoting business efforts for SME sector, it has only made death affordable for the poor, opined by the renowned tax expert, Waliullah Khan as he termed the budget speech delivered by Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar as disappointing.
6) Liddell-Hart's aforementioned critique of Clausewitz, though clear, actually echoed these words: "Not one reader in a hundred was likely to follow the subtlety of his logic or to preserve a true balance among such philosophical jugglery.
He came up trumps yet again through a mix of accounting jugglery and increased revenue projections, despite a 15.
has not branded the Afghan Taliban -- much less Pakistan's rogue intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence -- a terrorist organization, and instead has engaged in semantic jugglery.
5-inch screen smartphones that doesn't demand expert jugglery skills to be managed
The PDP has dismissed the Modi government's tall claims as jugglery of statistics.
On the first fifteen days, we will have shows three times a day by troupes from Serbia and Kazakhstan with performances involving water, fire, jugglery and more.
The folk feasts, through the atmosphere here induced, favour shows, games, dance, food and drinking, jugglery and pantomime, circus, jokes, jests, collective laughing.
While the fertiliser ministry has asked the finance ministry to clear the subsidy by the end of this fiscal, the carrying over of ` 40,000 crore forms part of the jugglery in numbers that is used in Budget.