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a performer who juggles objects and performs tricks of manual dexterity

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When they came to a stop only one fat rabbit juggler was seen, the others seeming to be inside him.
Dorothy had seen many jugglers in her lifetime, but never any so interesting as these.
These were but a few of the tricks the rabbit jugglers performed, and they were so skillful that all the nobility and even the King applauded as loudly as did Dorothy.
I suppose there are no rabbit jugglers in all the world to compare with these," remarked the King.
And I'll ask her to let you keep some of your clothes and the lily chair and one or two jugglers to amuse you.
You do not believe what is told of the Hindu jugglers," he said abruptly.
She wanted to have the three Indian jugglers instantly taken up; for this reason, namely, that they knew who was coming from London to visit us, and that they meant some mischief to Mr.
But as I don't wish to raise your expectations and then disappoint them, I will take leave to warn you here--before we go any further-- that you won't find the ghost of a joke in our conversation on the subject of the jugglers.
Off duty, the sprinting, barking juggler of Bredin's Parisian Cafe became the quiet follower of Art.
That gentleman was a sort of Barnum, the director of a troupe of mountebanks, jugglers, clowns, acrobats, equilibrists, and gymnasts, who, according to the placard, was giving his last performances before leaving the Empire of the Sun for the States of the Union.
The jugglers tossed them in the air, threw them like shuttlecocks with wooden battledores, and yet they kept on spinning; they put them into their pockets, and took them out still whirling as before.
The jugglers were on their heads once more, bounding about with rigid necks, playing the while in perfect time and tune.
Here are such numbers, I will not say of arrant thieves, but of errant knights and errant squires, errant monks and errant minstrels, errant jugglers and errant jesters, that a man with a single merk would be in danger, much more a poor swineherd with a whole bagful of zecchins.
There was enough material there to enable him to prepare several new tricks which he had learned from some of the jugglers in the circus, and he had passed part of the night in getting them ready.
CUTTING-EDGE CULTURE Knife juggler and, below, musical relief