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Synonyms for jugful

the quantity contained in a jug


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Ben is willing to bend the rules and clandestinely refill Bundy's jug from the master's stores, a move which might suggest his feelings of comradeship with his fellow slaves--"I reckon maybe Marse Sheppard can spare you one mo' jugful.
When Rabelais's narrator finally develops a less authoritarian relationship with his reader in the prologues to the Third and Fourth Books, the latter's liberty seems less restricted: Drink, my lads, by the jugful.
The jukebox trades heavily in all things jazz and - should that prospect be almost impossible to contemplate without being mortally drunk - the house speciality is luckily sangria by the jugful.
At least while the naysayers are busy trying to prove the unprovable point that the best of one generation is somehow inferior to that of another, at least the fans are sitting round in their rose-tinted spectacles, enjoying themselves in the warm glow of a large scotch and a jugful of memories.
The course of the rivulet of wine, from which a Bacchante is scooping a jugful, is confused, perhaps through the deterioration of the paint or through inept restoration.
Julie has never been stuck for a word or two so pay attention to what she says in the Mirror every day because her quotable quotes could win YOU a jugful of the needful
For nearly 15 years, Tregembo saved pennies and scrounged pennies and bought pennies from anyone who had a handful or a jugful to cash in.
The Gray Ox, open since 1709 serving thirsty locals who came in for ale by the jugful, serves classy food which is also the right side of rustic for us.
McKinlay of Glasgow, who contributed a cornucopia of collectives, including a pochle of polis, a mangle of masseurs, a litter of streetsweepers, a mince of hairdressers, a jugful of topless models, a sag of plastic surgeons and a box of undertakers.
He had been into the little drinks room off the library to replenish our pre-dinner drinks - he made a potent dry martini by the jugful, kept cool in a fridge in this room.
So pay attention to what she says in the Mirror every day - her quotable quotes could win you a jackpot jugful of jolly lolly.