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30) illustrated an intermediate valve in which the arrangement of the granules are directed towards the indistinct jugal area.
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NORTHUMBRIAN WORDS IN DANGER OF DYING OUT Jugal (dog); gyep (look) yari; clarts (mud, dirt) yarries (eggs) Jud (bend) Donnart (fool) Dowps (bottom) Eglatine (roses)
Once commonplace, the sound of words like yari, jugal and skumfish are rarities today.
Ratanlal said the couple's first child, Jugal, died after eating an offering when the family was returning from a temple.
5 humerus length Process 7b of mandible Smaller, sloping Smaller, sloping except 3% flat-topped Manubrium-sternum Absent, minute, or Very large bridge small Rostral end of pterygoid Not expanded except Large, heavy, slightly in expanded Pyrenestes Caudal end of jugal Not expanded Expanded Viduinae Character Viclua Vomer (Figs.
Bone loss involving the right caudolateral maxilla, right jugal (zygomatic) arch, and right suborbital arch was suggested on the ventrodorsal projection, and sclerotic bone, at the level of the right caudolateral beak on both projections, was consistent with sequestration.
High the jugal line would jut, and mortal holes gape where once there had been the iambus of a wink, a dust of flowers sifted through his ribs" (68).
It was suggested they explore the unknown Jugal Himal and the women jumped at the chance to venture into virgin territory.
Oroscopy detected a shallow, erythematous, 3-cm ulcerated lesion on the left jugal mucosa.
Warwickshire fund-raising manager Frances Milner said: "The trek is along a spectacular six-day route through the remote area of Jugal Himal, a region lying to the north-east of the fascinating city of Kathmandu.
Following the employees' decision, the Go2's Chairman of the Board, Jugal K.
GROUND REPORT By Jugal R Purohit in Raxaul ( Bihar) Traders extend full support to Modi
President of the state unit of BJP and MP from Jammu, Jugal Kishore Sharma said, "We want to discuss and reach a consensus on all the issues before we make a formal announcement (on government formation).