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dmk: dorsal maxilla kink, dmp: dorsal maxilla process, dms: dorsal maxilla process slope, fr: frontal, j: jugal, jlmsp: jugal/lacrimal/maxilla suture process, jms: jugal/maxilla suture, I: lacrimal, Imsp: lacrimal/maxilla suture process, rax: maxilla, n: nasal, nr: naris ridge, pfmsip: prefrontal/maxilla suture inferior-process, pfmssp: prefrontal/maxilla suture superior-process, pfr: prefrontal, pmp: posterior maxilla process, pms: premaxilla/maxilla suture, pmx: premaxilla, po: postorbital, t: teeth.
Among the fossils identified were several fragmentary cranial bones: frontal, parietal, right postorbital, left squamosal, right prefrontal, left quadrate, left jugal, left quadratojugal, left lacrimal and several undetermined fragments; left mandible and a fragment of the right, and one isolated tooth; and postcranial bones: 2 paravertebral osteoderms from the nuchal region, 16 paravertebral osteoderms from the trunk region, 22 ventral osteoderms and 16 appendicular osteoderms; 3 cervical and 7 dorsal vertebrae; 2 cervical and 6 thoracic ribs; left coracoid, left and right ulnae, left and right radii, left and fragmentary right ulnare, left radiale, 4 metacarpals and 1 phalanx.
Labha Ram Gandhi, leader of the Pakistani refugees' group, declared late Thursday their support to Jugal Kishore, the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate for the Jammu Lok Sabha seat, reported IANS.
The decision, asking Gen Singh to appear in person on January 9, was taken at a Privilege's Committee meeting under the chairmanship of Jugal Kishore Sharma in Jammu.
Bhattacharyya, Dhruba Kumar and Jugal Kumar Kalita.
Yeh Hai shiqui, the show that chronicles stunning real life stories, has once again astonished its audiences and will portray a beautiful love story presenting the chocolate boy, Jugal Hansraj.
The head of Delphi Electronics & Safety, Jugal K.
It also starred Urmila Matondkar and Jugal Hansraj as child actors.
Opposing the state government's demand for revocation of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) from Jammu and Kashmir, Panthers Party's Harshdev Singh and BJP's Jugal Kishore alleged that it has forced CRPF jawans to fighting terrorism without arms.
Ravi Shankar also played along with Allah Rakha's son Zakir Hussain and the duo mesmerized audiences with their jugal bandi.
A parte proximal do processo supraorbital do lacrimal tem 1/3 da largura da parte distal, sendo que esta termina de forma afilada e atinge 1/4 da distancia do arco da orbita ate o arco jugal (AJ: Figuras 1C e 1D).
Having our multimedia system rank highest in the AM/FM/Single CD Player/Satellite Radio segment, one of the most popular consumer segments, demonstrates Delphi's continued commitment to innovation and quality," said Jugal Vijayvargiya, general director of Delphi's Infotainment and Driver Interface Product Business Unit.
A pattern of small greenish blue spots is present in both sides of the jugal area in the intermediate and postmucronal area of the anal valve (Fig.
Colour of tegmentum very variable, whitish with pale brown and black flecks, greenish with darker flecks mainly on jugal areas, evenly reddish brown, or marbled with irregular spots of various colours.
A combined effort of UNICEF, Ideosync Media Combine and Sai Jyoti, a Laitpur based NGO, the region's first radio station was jointly put on air by Ranvir Yadav, District Magistrate (DM Lalitpur, Jugal Kishore, Joint Director Bharatendu Natak Academi UP and well known theatre personality who also recently made an appearance in Amir Khan's Peepli Live and Rajeshwari Chandrashekar, Programme Manager, UNICEF Lucknow at a gala function organized at the Lalit Lokwani station in Alapur.