jug wine

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inexpensive wine sold in large bottles or jugs

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Demand remains strong, however, for cheaper jug wines, which are typically sold in containers larger than bottles but sell for the equivalent of $3 or less per bottle throughout much of the United States and globally.
Argentines no longer drink jug wine as they once did; these days one is as likely to find beer or soft drinks served at an asado as a bottle of tinto.
Wineries producing these complex and variable wines are more likely to benefit from retailer-provided special services than wineries producing jug wines.
Back in the days when chenin blanc was known in this country primarily as a sickeningly sweet California jug wine, its reputation understandably diminished nearly to the point of vanishing.
THE FOOD: JUG WINE & OLIVE OIL When I met my wife, Alice, in 1951, her father, Bill Steere, was at Stanford on a professor's salary--the same as a grocer at the time (about $8,000).
Which is not to say that the major, mass-market labels are about to disappear any time soon--we still see jug wine in the stores, don't we?
After seeing what Three Thieves did for jug wine, no reason to think Bandit Bianco, a $6.
Wine list/service: Until recently, the selection was extremely limited, with jug wine in carafes being the norm.
At its peak, the producers obtained a premium for essentially jug wine, but now the cost compares favourably with a bottle of Jacobs Creek, an acknowledged brand leader at under pounds 5 per bottle.
Wines below $3 per 750 ml bottle (mostly generic blends packaged in large sizes) made up the Economy or Jug wine sector.
In addition to the drop in jug wine sales, wineries reduced promotions when it became clear the 1998 crop would be smaller than expected, Fredrikson said.
In Italy, glass carafe frequently held ordinary jug wine, but as David Lynch, past editor of Cheers, author, with restaurateur, and Babbo co-owner Joe Bastianich, of "Vino Italiano", and now Babbo's wine director, says, "You can't order a glass here, it's only quartinos, about twenty four choices, and we don't offer crap.
The upscaling of the jug wine producer seems complete.
Their objective was to free their winemaking parameters from the obligatory percentage of grapes without relegating the label description to the equivalent of jug wine in the eyes of the consumer.