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a musical group that uses jugs and washboards and kazoos and other improvised instruments

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Those scheduled to appear include the Roy Forbes Quartet, Al Jolson's Dog, Alligator Gumbo, The Jake Leg Jug Band, The Broombusters, Millennium Eagle Jazz Band, The Indigo Kings and Florence Joelle.
Tel: 029 2087 8889 Jelly Roll Jones Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl, 8pm Tickets: PS8 The outfit plays a selection of blues and traditional jug band music as they entertain audiences at Porthcawl's Grand Theatre.
That's not necessarily the healthiest place to be to get washboard abs but it's good for my jug band.
It has that slightly hippie everyone-is welcome feel, and on Saturdays, when the farmers' market is in full swing, you'll likely see kids dancing to a jug band next to fleeced-out city types perusing heirloom beans.
The 62 year-old Asch, who balked at the prospect of releasing a recording by a group called the Yodeling Anarcho-Socialists, the original band name suggested by Sanders and Smith, was inexplicably satisfied with a second name proposed by Kupferberg, the Fugs Jug Band.
Taking in blues, country, folk and jug band music, John Sebastian's songs delivered hit after hit in the States, but only two major singles here in the UK.
Also highly recommended from the "Music for Little People" label is "Maria Muldaur's Barnyard Dance Jug Band Music for Kids" ($13.
Performance band TriBeCaStan evolved out of a meeting of enthusiastic musicians during World Jug Band Day, when the cacophony of washboards and tubs transformed into "radical trad music", according to band member John Kruth.
I, for one, wouldn't think twice about stumping up my hard-earned cash for their oompah jug band version of goth miserablists Antony & The Johnson's I Hope There's Someone.
The centre - next to the car park near the park's Nutter Lane entrance - was re-opened by Clr Liz Smaje, Kirklees Council Cabinet member for leisure services, followed by entertainment from the Ugly Mug Jug Band.
On Big Iron World, OCMS plays a string band version of the rhythm and blues classic "Down Home Girl" and a couple of traditional jug band songs.
All festival attendees are invited to construct their own musical instruments and take the stage in the Jug Band event.
Both albums blended the band's jug band heritage ("River City"), covers ("Brother Can You Spare a Dime", "Stardust"), catchy novelties ("Garbage"), with songs carefully chosen by producer Jerry Ross for their hit potential.
Levee's potential to self-destruct because of his severed ties with the South is also evident in his futile attempts to replace Ma Rainey's "old jug band music" with his jazzed-up arrangements.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Having greatly influenced the folk and rock music that defined the 1960s, jug band music is being rediscovered thanks in part to the new documentary, Chasin' Gus' Ghost.