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Synonyms for judiciousness

the trait of forming opinions by distinguishing and evaluating

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Here I draw on a seminal contribution by Burbules (1995) in identifying such moments as being constituted by a sense of plurality, fallibalism, pragmatism and judiciousness.
These global figures do not rest on the shoulders of TDAP and sweeping statements of closure should be made with greater judiciousness, especially since Senator Saleem Mandviwalla appreciated the performance of TDAP during the meeting (s) of Senate Standing Committee of Commerce.
One example is worth extended attention because the story is famous and the historian's deployment of it a model of judiciousness.
Judiciousness on the financial front will help you save money.
There are several synonyms used for wisdom in practice, including but not limited to reason, intellect, insight, acumen, balance, clear thinking, comprehension, enlightenment, foresight, good judgment, clear judgment, judiciousness, prudence, sagacity, sanity, rationality, savvy, shrewdness and understanding.
Whether or not the President should resign and yield the powers of his high office to a lawful successor is a judgment that he must make "after prayerful discernment, and in all humility and judiciousness," Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, CBCP president, said in a statement.
The practice of confession must be undertaken with great judiciousness.
Initially, Kohlhaas is portrayed as exemplifying precisely these virtues of judiciousness, reflection, and obedience to established order, and he exhibits them later, ironically, in his perserverance in opposing the established order.
The success of the defense acquisition system is predicated on a solid foundation of fiscal responsibility, and any cure for inefficiency and mismanagement will only take effect when the DoD workforce is allowed to operate in an environment that fosters judiciousness and budgetary discipline.
With some virtually turning into ruins, one wonders at the judiciousness of giving the go-ahead to such plans that have no scope of materializing.
This stressful environment needs your leadership, ingenuity, and your honor, courage and commitment to spearhead each and every assignment or situation that you face, and we must ensure we maintain a culture of judiciousness.
However, as limited as Elinor's knowledge of Edward is, there are clear advantages that come from her uncertainty: the pragmatism that accompanies her skepticism prevents her from behaving in ways that would make her the target of painful gossip, and the judiciousness of her open mind contributes to the ethical makeup of her character.
Though the discreet, self-assured craft has echoes in the work of a poet like Elizabeth Bishop (eulogized in the poem "Elizabeth Bishop's Room"), Bruck displays a judiciousness or wit that is entirely singular.
The one-line, one-PowerPoint-slide battlefield update employed with great judiciousness from the squad to the brigade level; play that card too often and it might suggest you're not trying hard enough.
The intent is to leverage existing resources and maintain readiness, as well as to foster a culture of judiciousness, while supporting the warfighter, and remaining connected to DPO and industry.