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in a judicious manner

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Our experience of the Reformatory woman is, that when tried in service--and when kindly and judiciously treated--they prove themselves in the majority of cases to be honestly penitent, and honestly worthy of the pains taken with them.
It was against his will that Athos took these precautions, but Aramis had very judiciously reminded him that they had no right to be imprudent, that they had been charged by King Charles with a supreme and sacred mission, which, received at the foot of the scaffold, could be accomplished only at the feet of Queen Henrietta.
These, judiciously distributed among such of the womenkind as seemed of most consequence and interest in the eyes of the patres conscripti, brought us, in a little while, abundance of dried salmon and deers' hearts; on which we made a sumptous supper.
The side of the quadrangle, in which she supposed the guilty scene to be acting, being, according to her belief, just opposite her own, it struck her that, if judiciously watched, some rays of light from the general's lamp might glimmer through the lower windows, as he passed to the prison of his wife; and, twice before she stepped into bed, she stole gently from her room to the corresponding window in the gallery, to see if it appeared; but all abroad was dark, and it must yet be too early.
Katharine found some difficulty in carrying on the conversation, while her father balanced his finger-tips so judiciously, and seemed to reserve so many of his thoughts for himself.
Meantime, she exultingly seated herself at the piano, and favoured him with two of his favourite songs, in such superior style that even I soon lost my anger in admiration, and listened with a sort of gloomy pleasure to the skilful modulations of her full-toned and powerful voice, so judiciously aided by her rounded and spirited touch; and while my ears drank in the sound, my eyes rested on the face of her principal auditor, and derived an equal or superior delight from the contemplation of his speaking countenance, as he stood beside her - that eye and brow lighted up with keen enthusiasm, and that sweet smile passing and appearing like gleams of sunshine on an April day.
It now only remained that Mr Slum's compositions should be judiciously distributed; that the pathetic effusions should find their way to all private houses and tradespeople; and that the parody commencing 'If I know'd a donkey,' should be confined to the taverns, and circulated only among the lawyers' clerks and choice spirits of the place.
As a result, all people including those were regular payers and judiciously consuming power facility had to suffer, they added.
Nasir listened the protesting police officials grievances and assured that their issue of termination from services and nonpayment of salary would be judiciously resolved as the Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari took notice and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has already directed to resolve the issues judiciously after scrutinized the facts of the matter.
WATER is a precious commodity that should be used judiciously and treasured.
Coupon use is way up, but today's shoppers are determined to use them judiciously, and many are complaining about the requirement to purchase more than one item to get the savings.
While striving for growth and rapid development, we need to ensure that resources are judiciously used so that the ability of future generations to meet their needs is not compromised," SCCI chairman Ahmad Mohammad Al Midfa said at the signing ceremony with Bjorn Stigson, president of WBCSD.
Most of the tracks are self-penned, peppered with judiciously chosen classics including Sly Stone's If You Want Me to Stay, George Harrison's Something, and the soulful Ain't No Woman, on which saxman Richard Elliot shines.
In a school setting, videos and DVDs are generally used judiciously as a teaching aid.
Yet because these points were judiciously placed, they were all the more powerful for their unexpectedness.