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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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The apex judiciary hadjurisdiction over all issues of a judicial nature and exclusive authority to decide whether an issue was of political or non-political nature.
Though the court upheld the high-handed decision of the Governor General but it set the trend for the Judiciary to be involved in the political process.
A bench of the high court was hearing a petition seeking contempt of court proceedings against the former prime minister and his daughter Maryam Nawaz for indulging in criticism of the judiciary.
The Judiciary notes that the local newspaper claims that this assertion was contained in the Charge delivered by Juge Roosevelt Z.
We were in the middle of an election cycle and we decided to let things cool down and grant the Judiciary space, despite several cases, which we perceived as open bias against Jubilee in the run-up to the election of August 8, 2017,' Tuju said.
These attacks and threats are political and are aimed at making the Judiciary cower before the government.
In addition, if there was any doubt left of any sympathy to the judiciary in the Sharif family, Maryam Nawaz went against the general party line which had distanced itself from Nehal Hashmi - by making the his picture her display icon on twitter.
Mr Sharif told the participants of a seminar, titled Future of democracy in Pakistan, that the movement to restore the judiciary was not for mere reinstatement of a few judges.
He said that the hurdles faced by the lawyers are not insurmountable" and that the judiciary should work hard towards the progress and improvement of the country," he stressed.
Addressing the ceremony, Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said the written agreement between the provincial judiciary and judiciary of England and Wales was finalized after visit of 9-member judiciary of UK in which the judicial system of Pakistan and UK were come under discussion.
The ceremony was attended by Mirza Abdul Hafeez Additional Registrar LHC Rawalpindi Bench Director District Judiciary Akmal Khan, Shahid Shafi and other high officials of Judiciary present on the occasion.
Summary: Since April 27, 2017, when the passage of Law 13 of 2017 introduced sweeping changes to how the heads of judicial bodies in Egypt are chosen, some Egyptian judges have challenged what they see as an attempt to control the judiciary.
Criticism of judicial decisions is expected, however, uninformed destructive attacks on judicial officers, or on the judiciary, is not acceptable said Acting Chief Justice Stephen Isaacs.
Even though the Oklahoma Constitution spells out three separate but equal branches of government, Oklahomas judiciary has been left to wither on the vine.
18 (ONA) The seminar on the Role of Commercial Judiciary in Enhancing Investments started at the Supreme Council of Judiciary premises today under the auspices of Dr.