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Health services may be exercised by private doctor and, as has been shown in the case of Blumenau, frequently private services demand drugs distributed by the pharmacies maintained by the Brazilian Health Service through judicial writ.
Drug requirements were exclusively those originated from judicial writs and from notices by the Minors' Tutor Council.
This is due to the fact that more money must be made available to comply with the judicial writs.
Marbury claimed that James Madison was a public official--which no one denied--and that a writ of mandamus--a recognized judicial writ available to require public officials to perform their duty--was appropriate in his case.
NNA - 9/8/2012 Prime Minister Najib Mikati Thursday said that arresting former MP and Minister Michel Samaha early today was by virtue of a judicial writ which had been issued by the interim General Prosecutor "for security reasons, irrelevant to the STL (Special Tribunal for Lebanon).
The General Prosecutions of different Lebanese areas are exerting utmost efforts to control judicial writs," Qortbawi said, noting "it is now the duty of the Internal Security Forces to get these writs implemented.
The Great Writ, like all judicial writs, is a government power.