judicial torture

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torture that is sanctioned by the state and executed by duly accredited officials

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Once the prosecution had satisfied the jury, quite incorrectly, that judicial torture was not sanctioned under Spanish law, the Welsh soldier's fate was sealed.
Judicial torture was not a punishment, but a means of eliciting the truth.
The primary reason, he theorized, was the abandonment of judicial torture, which under sultanic law (Tk.
Since judicial torture was illegal in Sweden, it occurred infrequently within the Gota Court's jurisdiction (58); however, the equally illegal water ordeal was employed in the 1669-72 panic and even afterwards against accused witches (56-57).
One of these weaknesses involves lumping judicial torture of slaves in French and Spanish Louisiana together.
Here, Ruff builds on the insights that the definition of violence "is a moving target" (5) and that violence "erupted as part of the discourse of human relations" (117) by exploring brawling, dueling, policing, domestic violence, judicial torture, state punishment and rape.