judicial review

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review by a court of law of actions of a government official or entity or of some other legally appointed person or body or the review by an appellate court of the decision of a trial court

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Speakers also told that national issues are identified through judicial reviews but their final solution can be materialized through civil society actions like successfully done during Judiciary restoration movement.
Last weekend it emerged Mr Gauke had commissioned advice on the possibility of taking the highly unusual step of seeking a judicial review.
The application will now be considered by a judge who will rule on whether or not permission to apply for a judicial review can be granted.
Coventry City FC companies Otium Entertainment and Sky Blue Sports and Leisure are seeking permission for the judicial review and they have been joined in the application by Sisu-related Cayman Islands-based firm Arvo.
Advising on the merits of judicial review proceedings and any costs or risks involved
The elevation of cases to the high court under this expanded concept of judicial review unnecessarily clogs its dockets.
Though all its components cannot be covered here, several features of Smith's account warrant special attention: (1) She takes time to clarify why we should care about judicial review; (2) she sharpens our grasp of objectivity and its role in judicial review; (3) she succinctly surveys the major theories of review, revealing their subjectivity; (4) she presents a fresh theory of her own that embraces objectivity's demands; and (5) she provides her uniquely philosophical approach to judicial review, which makes it more accessible, not less.
Dr Billings said: "I am disappointed that Mr Crompton has issued judicial review proceedings.
Accordingly, the desirability of judicial review and its optimal scope hinges exclusively on the question of whether judicial review is conductive to reaching the right decision or acting in accordance with reason.
Mr Keys said they would now seek a judicial review after Sir John failed to reveal a timetable for publication.
He said: "Not many people realise that you can challenge a local authority or government's decision in courts through a Judicial Review case but they are an extremely important way of holding a public body to account.
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has lost several judicial review cases this year, and had his amendments rejected in the House of Lords.
ISLAMABAD -- The two-day international judicial conference on Saturday declared that in respect of the judicial review of administrative actions, the judiciary, not only in Pakistan but all over the world, particularly in developing countries, strives to establish 'constitutionalism' by exercising the power of judicial review.
Suitability of a recommendee and the consultation are not subject to judicial review but the issue of lack of eligibility or an effective consultation can be scrutinised for which a writ of quo warranto would lie.
I've been arguing for some time that a judicial review is the right way forward, and I'm pleased that's being looked at seriously.