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Rather, the holder of a Tax Deed must, in order to comply with fundamental requirements of due process, commence a judicial proceeding under the NCAC to confirm its title to the property.
340 (Judicial Attire) to govern judges' attire during judicial proceedings.
The measure provides that the prescription will be interrupted when either administrative or judicial proceedings are instituted against the accused or by filing of the complaint for purposes of investigation, and will begin to run again if the proceedings are dismissed for reasons not constituting jeopardy.
However, Justice Ginsburg joined Justices Breyer, Stevens, and Souter in Part II of the dissenting opinion, which argued that Article 36 of the Vienna Convention grants individual rights to a foreign national that may be invoked in a judicial proceeding, an issue the majority opinion declined to decide.
Silberman, an expert in interjurisdictional legal conflicts, believes policies like Oklahoma's may violate the Constitution's Full Faith and Credit Clause, which says "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.
Again, the statute provides the Chief Counsel may not delegate this authority and that a taxpayer cannot have a refusal to rescind a penalty reviewed in any administrative or judicial proceeding.
Local royal officials could either appoint an interim scribe, someone with the requisite literacy skills, or solicit two honorable members of the community to act as witnesses to any judicial proceeding.
Intel argues that the process for which AMD seeks discovery is purely administrative in nature, and, at least with respect to a recommendation to proceed to a complaint, preliminary to a non- judicial proceeding.
Although he uses the word inquiry, Pearse said he does not mean an inquest or formal judicial proceeding.
1) Chiefjudges, presiding judges, and quasi-judicial officers retain authority to control the use of electronic devices during judicial proceedings, and may temporarily confiscate, or may direct law enforcement to temporarily confiscate, any electronic device that is being used in a manner that is determined to be disruptive to the judicial proceeding, to be contrary to the orderly administration of justice, to violate the rule of sequestration of witnesses, to interfere with court security, or to violate the privacy rights of litigants, witnesses, or other participants in the judicial proceeding, until the proceeding is concluded.
However, a tax liability covered under the OIC that involves any judicial proceeding will suspend the 24-month period.
The accounting firm moved for summary judgment, citing section 47(b) of the California Civil Code, which says, "A privileged publication or broadcast is one made [in any] judicial proceeding.
TJX") of Framingham, Massachusetts enjoining TJX from filing any judicial proceeding or lawsuit against Alexander Smith, other than making a claim for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association.
Our legal system rightly assumes that individuals whose interests are at stake in a judicial proceeding will be better off with legal assistance," said Bernard Perlmutter, director of the Children and Youth Law Clinic at the University of Miami, a Foundation grantee.
The bill would restrict database access to a criminal justice agency, a judicial proceeding, a defendant if the DNA profile is in conjunction with the charge and for academic and research purposes if personal identifications are removed.