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Chaudhary said judicial activism is an outcome of judiciary's independence and should be lauded as long as it stays away from the realm of policy.
I don't believe a judge should ever, nor will I ever, I pledge to you, never to operate with judicial activism," said U.
If we wish to avoid such regrets in the future, we should encourage more judicial activism, not less.
He said that extremists were continuously conspiring against PPP government and judicial activism was at its peak.
Holding the judiciary's role as " sacrosanct", he hailed it for expanding the common law principle of ' locus standi', a legal premise by which one may pursue a case, but said judicial activism " should not lead to the dilution of separation of powers".
knowledge of the judges of the Court" (3) But on this salient topic, the hearings have failed: the public has gained very little knowledge of the judges' views on judicial activism.
com, examines the Court's role in the "long war" over judicial activism versus judicial restraint.
The return of judicial activism on the Supreme Court is likely to depend on the appointment of more liberal Justices to the Court who could press the constitutional views that are now most often expressed in dissent.
He goes on to defend substantive due process and judicial activism from critics both on the right, such as conservative judge Robert Bork, and on the left like Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.
That case later became the harbinger of judicial activism in Pakistan and Aziz, in a state of fury, misled Musharraf to frame the former chief justice on charges of misconduct and abuse of authority.
3) Yet Democratic leaders can feel just as much concern for judicial activism as their Republican counterparts.
The petitioner, Chairman Judicial Activism Panel (JAP) Muhammad Azhar Siddique, alleged that different government departments were making undue profit in billions from petroleum products and also collecting taxes from consumers.
They infer that the judicial activism by the apex court is undermining the authority of parliament and the executive and thus weakening democracy.
He urged the Supreme Court to exercise judicial activism to correct the inadvertent error of the framers, as amending the Constitution to remedy the mistake was impossible given the failure of all previous attempts at Charter change.
The proposal, according to a PPP official, was first floated at a party meeting held the day Gilani was disqualified by the apex court, and some of Zardari's allies suggested that he take an aggressive stance against what they thought was unacceptable judicial activism, states the paper.