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Judge of the superior court of Judicature or eligibility for appointment as such
We will enact the Judicature (Amendment) Bill which provides provisions to set up a trial-a-bar despite whatever the obstacles that might come our way, he said.
It was established as the High Court of Judicature at Fort William on May 14, under the High Court's Act, 1861.
The 23 people, who had been taken from their houses and shackled by the police as part of an interrogation conducted by Republican Prosecution Office, were dispatched to the 2nd criminal judicature of peace by the demand of arresting.
The legacy and thought provoking judicial pronouncements of the Chief Justice are going to prove a beacon light for the judicature for all times to come.
In December 2014 however the pendulum swung to the other extreme with the amendment to the Judicature Act.
On September 26, the board of directors of the American Judicature Society approved a plan to dissolve the society and wind up its affairs.
Currently, Klein is a member of the American Bar Association and the American Judicature Society.
A team of Kuwaiti lawyers succeeded in acquiring the court ruling, by Spain's Supreme Court of Judicature, which accused PwC of an error in judgment and failing to carry out their professional obligations, deputy chief of Kuwait's Fatwa and Legislation Department, Salah Al-Masd told KUNA.
This is because the grievance judicature is a branch of the normal judicature.
The petitioner, a freelance journalist, stated that under the Constitution CJP is not bound to consult any one in either the Executive or the Judicature. Shahid Orakzai said that latest amendment in article 182 failed to appreciate the basic difference between Ad Hoc judges and Acting Judges.
The collection Quincy's papers has come to what the editors suggest may by the most unique and important volumes: his reports on cases of the Superior Court of Judicature of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, the oldest court in continental America and ancestor of today's Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.
" Already the judicature in India is in its dark days although there are good judges," he wrote.
Use of the Albanian language in judicature is limited.
Procter & Gamble, which makes Pringles, argued that the chips, which are 40 percent potato flour, but also contain corn, rice, and wheat, are not potato chips, but "savory snacks." Lord Justice Robin Jacob of the Supreme Court of Judicature disagreed: He ruled that the potatoe-ness of Pringles is a "matter of overall impression," and his impression is that they're potato chips, and taxable--which means Procter & Gamble now owes the government $160 million in potato chip taxes.