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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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One distinctive characteristic of the Groupe des Dombes is that it is not sponsored by any Catholic ecclesiastical or Protestant judicatory. The members themselves determine group membership; they are not appointed by any official church authority.
It is also visible in the independent schools, societies and a multitude of church organisations that flourished in the nineteenth century and still today and which are not related to or part of the ecclesiastical judicatory. One thinks of welfare organisations, mission agencies, service agencies and ministry agencies such as colleges, publishers and groups like the Mothers Union.
Yet this does not change the importance of the question: "How shall the gospel be preached?" This book offers a comprehensive look at preaching which would fit well academically with a two-year seminary curriculum and with synodical and judicatory lay preaching instruction programs.
Further, because we live in a highly litigious society, it would be very difficult to have mandated mutual and self criticism as part of an ecclesiastical judicatory without some sort of signed, formal covenant.
Noda told reporters that he will ''accept'' the verdict on Ozawa as ''a judicatory judgment.''
When judges' responsibilities extend beyond that core function--when they encompass political as well as judicial functions--they raise perplexing questions as to the appropriate scope of judicial independence and judicial accountability, as it becomes "inevitable that the line between what [is] political and what [is] judicatory would be blurred." (124) Or, from a different angle, the development of the modern argument for judicial independence required a distinct judicial function that differentiated the tasks of courts from those of other branches of government and confined the courts to those tasks.
Protestant denominations put such a value on the educational and transformational experience of camps that they hired camp leaders for their national staffs to direct and guide the work of the judicatory camps.
Coun Cook, 51, maintained he meant no personal or racial insult but he was reported to the local government ombudsman, which referred the matter to the judicatory panel.
Mr Cook, 51, yesterday told a judicatory panel the fact council leader Rodney Berman, who is Jewish, may interpret his comments differently, "went right over my head".
Following four years of philosophy and four years of theology, the candidate for ordination, having passed his seminary training and ordination examinations, is presented to the bishop, the chief ecclesiastical officer in the diocese, the diocese being the geopolitical judicatory over which the bishop has absolute authority, answerable only to the Pope in Rome.
There was a central church judicatory that made the determinations where church money for Indians should go.
Al-Sabban obtained his first job in 1937 as a scrivener at the Judicatory of Shibam, a city in northern Hadramout, where he later established Al-Minbar (The Pulpit) magazine.
The Supreme Court here [in New York] proceeds in the main according to the Practice of the Courts at Westminster and the Common Law of England, with the Statutes affirming or altering it before a Legislature was established here, and those passed since such Establishment expressly extended to us, with our own Legislative Acts, (which are not to be repugnant to the Laws of England) constitute the Laws of this Colony,--and tho' there are many Instances of Judgments Reversed and affirmed in the course of Error, before the Governor and Council, I do affirm with the highest confidence that not one Verdict was ever re-examined by any superior Judicatory in the Province.
(96) In that case, four clergymen and their followers had seceded from the Church of Scotland because of a doctrinal difference with the Established Church, and they formed their own church judicatory. (97) Mr.