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Synonyms for judgmental

Synonyms for judgmental

based on individual judgment or discretion

Antonyms for judgmental

depending on judgment

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The FATS 300 features 3D marksmanship, judgmental and collective training, with high-definition imagery projected on each active screen.
The 34-year-old said: "I used to be judgmental of the way other people would parent.
I must admit, I am far more critical and judgmental of the gabbers than of the poorly dressed visitors to the church.
0 million) judgmental provision charges, reflecting the negative economic and geopolitical developments occurring both domestically and in the region and their potential implications on an already stagnant operating environment.
Britons are less judgmental than their US, German, French and Spanish counterparts when viewing others' personal online material, according to research released on Thursday (14 August) by 1&1 Internet Ltd, a UK-based web hosting and domain name registration company.
I see the clergy's actions in St David's Diocese as being more pastoral than judgmental.
Perhaps I am being too judgmental, and emotional after Wednesday's result, just as I may be being harsh on some of the national media coverage leading up to the final arrival of 2008.
bureau scoring or a judgmental scoring platform that is driven by bureau data.
color) In addition to her role as Rose Caffee in the Showtime series "Brotherhood," Fionnula Flanagan played Felicity Huffman's judgmental mother in "Transamerica" and Mark Wahlberg's foster mother in "Four Brothers.
Another interesting character is Mike Garretti, reluctant hitman, who muses at one point that "for a guy who kills people with bombs, he was way too judgmental.
He maintains that conventional motivational wisdom tells us never to lose hope, to refrain from being judgmental, to believe in the premise of "unlimited personal power," and to strive for ever-higher levels of self-esteem.
Since neither of these historical facts is reversible, there is no point in being judgmental about the protagonists; the only way anything will ever improve will be through the very long process that is required for the two sides eventually to lose their horror of each other.
The prevailing theme of this book is one of love and understanding, and not once did I feel that West was being judgmental or hypocritical in his discussions.
Throughout, Kirstein remains patrician, cranky, and intoxicatingly judgmental.
Attending a specialized clinic for pregnant women with substance use disorders helped medical students in a recent study feel more comfortable and less judgmental when working with such patients.