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an officer assigned to the judge advocate general

a staff officer serving as legal adviser to a military commander

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The image of judge advocates did not escape the first decade of the United States' war against terror completely untarnished, however.
Borch addresses this theme in a very personal manner by detailing, through the use of meticulous research and personal interviews, the actions of individual judge advocates in both major and minor operations, at home and abroad.
Colonel Borch's narrative picks up with operations in Grenada in 1982, when judge advocates of the 82d Airborne division deployed with their combat units onto the island and became intimately involved with operational issues from targeting to treatment of Grenadian and Cuban detainees.
The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (TJAGLCS) seeks approval of all courses taught in Charlottesville, VA, from states that require prior approval as a condition of granting CLE.
Captain Hodgkinson entered active duty in the Judge Advocate General's Corps in 1995.
In this class, which began on 2 January 2006 and graduated on 7 April 2006, three single male and three single female judge advocates who met each other in the class were married after graduation.
A small number of career-oriented judge advocates would be selected to come to Charlottesville for an academic year of graduate-level legal education, where they would have "the opportunity and incentive to engage in scholarly research" and further their "intellectual development.
Borch served as a judge advocate on active duty from 1980 until 2005.
By June 1943, TJAGSA had trained ten officer classes (consisting of more than 500 men) with an instructional staff of only seventeen men (fifteen judge advocates and two infantry officers) in ten months.
Chinese concessionaires operated these establishments, but judge advocates were "called upon to develop procedure and to draft contracts to meet each particular situation.
The demands of the Korean War and the additional legal responsibilities imposed by the UCMJ resulted in a large number of Reserve judge advocates being called to active duty.
The sentence in a court martial is determined through deliberations between the Judge Advocate and the board.
The Judge Advocate General's Legal Service includes judge advocates, warrant officers, paralegal noncommissioned officers and junior enlisted personnel, and civilian employees.
1) In this article, I will discuss the role that USAR Judge Advocates have performed in the past decade, placing special emphasis on the role of company-grade Army Reserve Judge Advocates.
They included uniformed Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard senior staff, commanders and judge advocates, ranging in rank from Lt General Girish, The Director-General of Discipline, Ceremonial and Welfare for the Indian Army, to the grade of Captain.
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