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an officer assigned to the judge advocate general

a staff officer serving as legal adviser to a military commander

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As part of a number of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, the government in Seoul was interested in inviting a select group of judge advocates who had served in Korea during the conflict to make a return visit.
A court martial is presided over by a Judge Advocate, with a jury or "board" of between three and seven officers and warrant officers depending on the offence.
Judge advocates serve in the position of Staff Judge Advocate on the special and personal staff of general officers in command who are general court-martial convening authorities (the authority to convene a general court-martial).
5) This article will address how the worst attack on America brought out the best in our uniformed USAR Judge Advocates, citizen-lawyers who, during the past decade, have served with distinction while mobilized in the United States and deployed throughout the world.
Major General Nilendra Kumar, the Indian Army Judge Advocate General, and the MET's senior member, Rear Admiral (LH) John Crowley, the U.
Judge advocates should read it because it offers a shortcut to knowledge that ordinarily is gained only through experience.
Confined largely to rear areas and major headquarters, judge advocates performed their customary duties in military justice, claims, and legal assistance, with a smattering of international law.
Regardless of how course attendance is documented, it is the personal responsibility of Judge Advocates to ensure that their attendance at TJAGLCS courses is accounted for and credited to them and that state CLE attendance and reporting requirements are being met.
Judge advocates are a critical bulwark against the risk of the United States military and civilian forces abusing their authority and taking illegitimate actions.
In 1992, the Judge Advocate General of the Navy and the Naval Justice School accepted the challenge of developing a rule of law program demanded by this new E-IMET legislation.
5) When CPTs Joyce Platt and Madge Casper pinned the crossed-pen-and-sword insignia on their collars in 1972, the total number of female judge advocates jumped from nine to eleven.
The impetus for the Advanced Course was the recognition that the Corps did not have any education and training for those judge advocates that elected to remain in the Army for a career.
One important aim of trial advocacy training is to teach new judge advocates how to convey their theory of the case by using the art of storytelling.
As the supply of Reserve judge advocates dwindled, the JAGD decided to directly commission civilian lawyers and enlisted personnel who were attorneys.
The first judge advocates apparently arrived in China in mid-1944 and were headquartered at U.
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