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a feeling of dismal cheerlessness

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At the same time, I would argue that the awareness on the part of Colin and some of the other men with whom I spoke of the limited value of what they spent so much time labouring to achieve, as well as the joylessness of the pursuit, can be seen as representing an incipient self-consciousness that what neoliberalism promises is not all that it is cracked up to be.
"Donald Trump, the Republican presidential aspirant and frontrunner (yes, he is!) has been vociferous in his disdain for the new secular joylessness of Christmas" Dame Joan Collins "Dame Helen Mirren may be one of our greatest actresses but she is still trapped in her teens if she thinks using the F-word when accepting an accolade is remotely appropriate - cringe-making" Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe
"Donald Trump, the Republican presidential aspirant and front-runner (yes, he is!) has been vociferous in his disdain for the new secular joylessness of Christmas" Dame Joan Collins.
It is for this that I grieve, and because nothing is fixed, but all things are in a manner stirred up into porridge, and joy and joylessness, wisdom and unwisdom, great and small are all but the same, circling about, up and down, and interchanging in the game of Eternity.).
The seductive powers of chemically induced euphoria are well balanced with stark portrayals of the pain and joylessness of comedowns.
"A [divorce] with a kid, Whitehead comes off to readers as a stoic guy who wears his joylessness with honor, but contrary to the way he describes himself in the opening line of the book, he's not half-dead inside.
For the rest, an overarching joylessness, bred by isolation and familiarity, prevails.
It did so by providing an "inner compulsion" through an "essential disorganization of human life, a pollution of the sources of spontaneity bound to reflect itself in every aspect of personality." (9) Methodism was characterized by "joylessness," "an almost Manichaean sense of guilt," "necrophily," and "perverse imagery" in its hymns.
She said the sense of joylessness at her wedding stayed with her, illustrating how early experience of being treated as a material possession destroyed her self-esteem.
In a matter of days, in six out of seven patients, symptoms such as anxiety, despondence, listlessness and joylessness had improved considerably.
In a matter of days, in six out of seven patients, symptoms like anxiety, despondence, listlessness and joylessness improved considerably.
As many as 49 percent of these individuals fail to respond to treatment with antidepressant medications or therapy, and continue to suffer symptoms that include chronic feelings of sadness, joylessness, guilt, irritability, hopelessness, fatigue, appetite or sleep disturbances, and thoughts of suicide.
The danger in that lies in raising kids who achieve middle-aged respectability by the ripe old age of sixteen and go on to live out their lives in a state of permanent joylessness or, worse yet, discover the thrills of vices at an age when they should be settling down.
While sex would seem to be suggested by 'seed' and elsewhere in the poem, collocations of the phraseology 'putting in the' ['effort' (48; t-score 6.9), 'work' (29; t- score 5.3) and 'time' (28; t-score 5.2)] lead to an interpretation of joylessness in the persona's attitude to his sexual relationship (as well as chiming with the marked conscientiousness of the OCPD sufferer--APA Criteria 3 and 4).
"We see it in the joylessness, in the inner sadness, that can be read on so many human faces today.