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Synonyms for joyless

Synonyms for joyless

Antonyms for joyless

not experiencing or inspiring joy

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It's all a bit flat at the Crucible in comparison, but how much longer can snooker go on living in this joyless vacuum?
What Ashton should focus on is why a coach with a deserved reputation for encouraging expansive rugby should be presiding over such a joyless style that isn't winning matches.
No place where I can't enter the joyless rapture of almost
Still, this is not just a book full of happy talk and innovative ideas; Esquith shoots arrows at administrators "out of Orwell's Ministry of Truth" who force "literacy coaches" and joyless scripted reading on him and his colleagues.
Oh sure, joyless Sith lords might complain about such a campy way to celebrate Star Wars on its 30th anniversary.
A Christian message, but when you place it alongside the consumer carnival and the raunch and razzmatazz of pop culture, it sounds joyless.
Twenty-first century Japan, it seems, is no longer interested in being an "Asian tiger," if that means bank failures and a joyless, exhausting life for the bourgeoisie.
Yet, Kozol reminds us that if you are a black or Latino child attending Rosa Parks elementary/middle/high school in any American city, you are likely to face material shortages, crumbling facilities, under-qualified teachers, a joyless curriculum focused on test-preparation and may not even know why the school is named for Ms.
The joyless drones of Atomised, regarding a totem composed of their own raw materials with a funereal air, seem destined not for replication but for recycling.
I found that I began to resent reading such a long and relentlessly joyless description of family life to get to Warner's perfectly reasonable and right-on policy suggestions.
Unlike civilized society, whose joyless monotone had alienated him, the primitive idyll had not been meddled with or manipulated.
Recognize starting on a weight loss program, while never easy, doesn't have to be joyless.
It never seems to occur to him to take a deeper look at the joyless, Jerry-Springer-watching generation that perpetrated the crime.
He seeks to challenge a particular view of the Dutch character as gloomy and joyless, driven by Calvinist sobriety and a distrust of this-worldly pleasures.
I knew Joyless John McWhirter's aversion to the Advent season had a lot to do with his wife Abigail's passing at that time of year, so I did my best to provide what I could of pre-Christmas cheer or at least distraction by dropping in a little more frequently than usual.