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I thought, 'I'm not going to be a journeyman today, I'm going to put it on this lad.
He won the contest for "The Journeyman," a dark, thrilling, contemporary fantasy novel that is recommended for both teens and adults.
Just think, if you'd kicked over the traces and gone out on the toot one night and misbehaved, they'd have called you a 'troubled' journeyman.
The state on Friday also awarded Smith her journeyman card, overturning the local committee's refusal.
The graduate of the Power System Electrician apprenticeship training is a journeyman who will be able to: (1) responsibly do all work tasks expected of a journeyman; (2) supervise, train and coach apprentices; (3) use and maintain hand and power tools to the standards of competency and safety required in the trade; (4) read and interpret drawing, plans and specifications and layout and develop projects according to specifications; (5) coordinate power system work with other trades employed in the industry in both construction and maintenance; and (6) perform assigned tasks in accordance with quality and production standards required in industry.
This is Jersey's first introduction into the tragicomic world of a journeyman.
Much more needs to be known about the terms and conditions of journeyman employment, and apprenticeship for that matter, another relationship unexamined in this book.
The Elgin-born star has moved to Los Angeles with his young family for the next five years to star in new American sci-fi television show Journeyman.
Journeyman Utility Gloves have a durable, supple and breathable synthetic leather palm that gives users a firm grip.
Mayobanex is back: Journeyman minor-league infielder Mayobanex Santana is back in Lancaster for his third stint with the JetHawks.
It is the part of the troubleshooting process that separates a journeyman from, well, everyone else.
In Heavy Lettuce: Adventures Of A Journeyman Dieter, author Johnny T.
The 19-year-old Olympic silver medallist claimed arguably his most impressive victory to date when he stopped rugged Sheffield journeyman Daniel Thorpe three seconds from the end of round two.
The metalcasting shop's master, journeyman and apprentice caster supply bronze andirons, pewter spoons, bronze candelabra and brass candlesticks for the Prentis Store, where visitors can purchase the authentically produced items.
TV fans may know Cantone from his stints on Sex and the City or the nutty kids' show Steampipe Alley, but he's best-known in New York as a club comedian who's earned his stripes as a journeyman actor, most impressively last season in Richard Greenberg's The Violet Hour and the revival of Sondheim and Weidman's Assassins.