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a traveler going on a trip

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xix- xxii) "[T]he spiritual authorities, as in tribal times, are found directly in nonordinary reality by each individual shamanic journeyer" (Harner, 1990, p xvi).
The interpreting function is to help the journeyer understand the journey in the light of classic accounts such as St.
G says the outcome in which the journeyer called Mind gets his dinner served by Mary (with help from Skermo and Jack) represents "the luck which awaits everyone" through access to "the richness of the deep past." G sternly fends off H's tendency to read the poem as autobiographical--the protagonist, after all, is not "Allen" but "Mind"--but still the three working-class figures attain remarkable vividness considering that we are in G's world of archetypes:
Her stance toward filmmakers is one of colleague and fellow journeyer, not better.
You could say that I arrived in Rome as a traveler transiting through the city--and then exchanged the status of a journeyer to that of an exile.
Such a persona, whose gait is grounded in the sensible world and whose choices vacillate between the unreal and the absurd concrete, is portrayed in a type of poetry that Jerome Mazzaro characterizes as seeking : a kind of cosmic ingestion or embracing" (40), verse that depicts the human journeyer suspended between the inescapable earth beneath the feet and the substantial metaphysical reality that lies just beyond the outstretched embrace.
The "phase one" simply lays the foundations for the upcoming momentous task; preparing the journeyer for an eye-opening adventure.
Named "The Journeyer Collection" the new set of looks imagines a traveller's evolution through the scenes that they encounter.
Designer Khulood Thani remained true to her country's heritage with a strong FW collection, titled The Journeyer. The ready-to-wear brand delved deep into Emirati culture with a theme inspired by the country's shores and fishing journeys.
-Var of the battleship passing through off the historic epitaph write on it " Stop journeyer"
The South side--the Great South Bay--the fishing and fowling--the fisherman, the natives, the curious and original characters, so quaint, so smacking of salt and sea-weed--the wrecks and wreckers--all these richly repay the journeyer and explorer, from Rockaway to the Hamptons.
In this episode of “Why Shamanism Now?” titled “What Is Intimacy with Spirit,” Pratt explores intimacy, radical acceptance, and how to cultivate the intimacy with spirit required for deep shamanic currents to move through your life and bring miracles to even the most basic, beginning journeyer.
The couple's journey demands a great deal of them because although tradition provides the route--the storied journeyer goes down into the unknown before coming back up--it does not supply all the means of getting to the end.
A journey is a transformative experience that changes its journeyer, and whether it is powerfully or subtly, it is often for the better.
He released six editions of his album Journeyer, single edition of Volume 1 Euphonic (The Journey Continues), album Bollywood Breakdown and one Official Track (New Delhi).