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Synonyms for journalism

the press



Synonyms for journalism

newspapers and magazines collectively

the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media

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He pointed out that "data Journalism is the future of journalism.
As Arab journalists mostly need to develop their technical skills, El-Eraqi has decided to hold the conference to gather media professionals and journalists in Arab countries who are interested in this kind of journalism, and offer workshops and trainings as well as conduct studies and surveys related to data journalism in the Arab world.
To support the public purpose of journalism through more investment in public service media.
To encourage attachment to ethical values in the management and governance of journalism.
One of the ways journalism schools and journalism programs have responded to these employment challenges has been to argue for the increasing importance of entrepreneurial journalism education, the very definition of which is contested--as we will see below.
The most succinct self-definition comes from the CUNY journalism school website in describing its mission:
But despite such advances, challenges for American literary journalism studies persist.
In a similar vein, histories of American journalism also tend to efface the term literaryjournalism, and exclude the genre as essential to journalism history (Nerone, 2011, p.
journalism as a research method in its own right with academic application.
It concludes by considering the implications of these developments for journalism academics who wish to adapt their professional media research skills to the academic research context for selected projects and also repositions journalism's place in the academy.
UST is Southeast Asia's first journalism school, first offering a Bachelor of Literature (B.
The smart journalism award, introduced for the first time, went to Mohammed Al Hammadi, chief editor of Al Ittihad newspaper.
Public universities follow more traditional liberal arts/ social sciences-focused courses while private universities journalism curricula are jammed with techno-centric courses.
By applying peace journalism practices in reports of the conflict, the peace journalist creates a setting in which the causes of and possible solutions to the conflict become transparent and obvious.
But the mismatch in temperament is only one of the reasons journalism history has played such a small part in journalism education.