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Synonyms for journalism

the press



Synonyms for journalism

newspapers and magazines collectively

the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media

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At our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer the Master's program, which combines traditional journalism knowledge and know-how with instruction in cutting edge technologies such as data journalism and digital media.
Debruyne--along with many other foreign journalists--set up workshops, panels on collecting and refining data, teaching data journalism at universities, tips for using data in breaking news and the future of this kind of journalism in light of the freedom of information and the challenges facing journalists in an era of conflicts and instabilities in the Middle East.
He pointed out that "data Journalism is the future of journalism.
To develop practical and sustainable solutions to the funding crisis facing independent journalism.
To support the public purpose of journalism through more investment in public service media.
journalism as an academic field of study drawing upon the theories and methodologies of other disciplines
The 42-unit program will be an international program that will expose graduate students to current trends surrounding Philippine journalism and journalism in other countries, while attempting to blend journalism practice with theory and research.
Outstanding contributions in the following 13 categories were honoured at the Arab Journalism Awards: Smart Journalism, Investigative Reporting, Young Journalism Talent, Photo Journalism, Economic Journalism, Outstanding Cartoon Works, Specialized Journalism, Best Press Interviews Journalism, Best Columnist Award and Media Personality of the Year.
India, for instance, which depends on west-centric blending of journalism curricula, Murthy (2011) called it 'broad basing of curriculum' offer the students to build a deeper insight into the complexities of social issues is not accepted by either academics (20%) or professionals (100%).
in Journalism in 1958 to return and be editor-in-chief of Al-Bilad newspaper in 1963.
With no guaranteed freedom of the press, journalism in China is a very different beast.
Johan Galtung coined the term peace journalism in 1970s and developed two opposing modes of reporting wars i.
Consequently, the fact that the history of journalism currently doesn't play a prominent role in journalism education, and probably never has, should come as no surprise.