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Synonyms for journalism

the press



Synonyms for journalism

newspapers and magazines collectively

the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media

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Mohammad Sahid Ullah School of Journalism and Communication Room: 318, University of Queensland Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia Email: m.
The requirements of journalism meant that even "a general education is insufficient for the journalist - he needs a suitable specialized education.
Journalism in a Globalizing World Society: A Societal Approach to Journalism Research: Manfred Ruhl (University of Bamberg)
The plan is to find ideas, offer solutions and give pointers on what can help reshape journalism education before is too late.
ARIJ is an independent, non-profit, inclusive organization, whose aim is to nurture a culture of investigative journalism across the region, among and by Arab media professionals and activists, for the benefit of the Arab public.
Journalism historians have had trouble offering compelling counter-arguments.
He hoped that the seminar would come out with recommendations that enable the specialists either at the Manpower Ministry or at the other authorities to re draft their Omanization policies, plans and programs in journalism and media sector.
In reaching this point Beckett reminds his readers of what he sees as self-evident about journalism today: the abundance of news; the abundance of resources with which journalists can reach people; the ease of access to news for various audiences; the necessity of journalism in local and global society, economics, and politics; and the "technological, educational, and economic potential for a vast expansion of journalism's impact" (p.
The agreement will allow people to apply for vacancies with Bloomberg directly through links on the Journalism.
Neal National Business Journalism Awards for editorial achievement were presented March 23 at a luncheon at The Waldorf= Astoria Hotel in New York City.
Williams, a 2005 graduate of Howard University with a degree in print journalism and Erinn R.
Ranly, of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, helped pioneer the concept of "service journalism," which he defines in three words:
JAY ROSEN, CHAIR of the Journalism Department at New York University, calls it "The Contraption.