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Synonyms for journalism

the press



Synonyms for journalism

newspapers and magazines collectively

the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media

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1999, 'Cultural Studies and Journalism', Media International Australia, no.
There will also be subjects that keep abreast with today's trends in journalism (such as data journalism) while some courses will emphasize ethics for journalists.
Outstanding contributions in the following 13 categories were honoured at the Arab Journalism Awards: Smart Journalism, Investigative Reporting, Young Journalism Talent, Photo Journalism, Economic Journalism, Outstanding Cartoon Works, Specialized Journalism, Best Press Interviews Journalism, Best Columnist Award and Media Personality of the Year.
'Campus Journalism has opened my eyes to what it means to be cheated or denied basic needs by authorities.
'We are going to award quality journalism and discourage journalists from fake news, because over the years, we have been receiving mixed feelings from the public saying that the media have lost its quality.
This dean of SISU's journalism and communication school will be the head co-organizer of the event together with Gao Xiaohong of the Communication University of China.
The economic forces that pushed college enrollment down for the sixth year in a row in 2018 are still causing declines at traditional journalism schools in the Midwest.
Knight Foundation, Gannett Foundation, the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, Journalism 360 and Democracy Fund
The visit included several rounds of discussions with Missouri School of Journalism team to work out a roadmap for conducting collaborative research, faculty and students exchange programmes, cultural and educational cooperation.
Director, Centre for Excellence in Journalism Kamal Siddiqi said, The Master's of Science in Journalism Program that started this year at IBA is different from any such program across the country.
"This is not the beginning, last summer we launched the website of the Arab Data Journalism Network (ArabDJN),which seeks to spread awareness around Data Journalism using videos and blogs," El-Eraqi told Daily News Egypt.
However, according to the report, it was not all bad news for journalism. Perhaps the biggest single, corruption-busting story of the decade came from an unprecedented piece of investigative journalism carried out by 400 journalists in 80 countries - the Panama Papers.
Researchers have referred to journalism that serves the development goals of governments as "development journalism," a phenomenon well known in the developing economies of the global south.
This essay applies Neff's venture labor concept to crisis in journalistic production and attempts by journalism schools to reconcile their roles of training students for a professional workforce with the slow-motion disintegration of that workforce.