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the style in which newspapers are written

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On Planet Journalese, police always make "grim discoveries" yet when is the unearthing of a body ever a vaguely pleasant experience?
The non-fiction works, mostly written in the journalese style, include Shebeen Tales: Messages from Harare (1994), Palaver Finish (2002) and various other articles published in newspapers such as the South African Mail and Guardian, archived on the its webpage as an author.
She is the author of Le Discours Publicitaire (2008), La metonymie dans l'enonce publicitaire (2008), and co-author of Communication Matters in Mass Media and Cultural Studies (2010), The Language of Business--Accounting, Banking, Finance (2007), Come Along (2002), Essentials of Journalese (2002).
It is important to see that the problem is not limited to a particular style of journalese.
In his pithy journalese, The Pioneer's correspondent Sunil Kumar analyzed the visit of chief minister Shahbaz Sharif in the larger context of Pakistan-India relations' normalization intent.
The climax was a speech, interpreted with magnificence [and] admirable resourcefulness by Bassana, delivered in uninspiring parliamentary journalese, nothing but platitudes in it.
When confronted with such nobility of spirit, his words--mimicking the hack journalese of his papers--are inadequate: 'You've beaten me--this time.
And it is a bitter irony that an account of a publishing house renowned for quality is written in careless journalese.
Although tudruk 'girl' and poiss 'boy' can also mean 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend', respectively, thus denoting partners in a couple relationship, in journalese this sense of the words must be less popular, which is reflected in the incidence of the personal pronoun.
First it restricts the types of compounds that exist in the language (no root compounds, no phrasal compounds, to the exception of calqued ones, a popular strategy in journalese in Modern Bulgarian), it regulates the non-productivity of compound verbs and limits their typology, etc.
However, given that this is not the type of true crime book where the main mystery to solve is capturing the right person and putting together a solid case, it would have been helpful to have devoted more than 30 pages to the trial itself As well, at times Burleigh descends into standard journalese.
When all is said and done, High Tide on Main Street makes its case with less rhetoric than contained in similar books, which typically hail from the apocalyptic writing school of political-science journalese.
If there is a unity to the novel's motley of management-speak, advertising hyperbole, junk science, journalese, and pop psychology, it comes from that idiom of national boosterism that is really a form of hucksterism.
While the colonial governor, Lord Lugard, insisted that Davies should be prosecuted for sedition, in Omu's version of the story the Chief Justice himself thought the offending article was 'justifiable journalese comment': Omu, Press and Politics op.
The guide explains how to tailor writing to specific audiences, how to convert agency copy into spoken English, and how to avoid newspaper-style journalese.