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Synonyms for jounce

a sudden jarring impact


Related Words

move up and down repeatedly


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Late that afternoon, we headed to the Bayanzag, called "the cemetery of the dragons." Jouncing over the open rangeland, we passed small herds of camels.
They are so puffed up with the hot air of self-righteousness they resemble a covey of balloons jouncing against each other as they wait for takeoff.
The conversation deceased an hour ago and the cheese dip has gone bad and the jouncing of the waves is making you very queasy.
The X-Factor judge was snapped on a jet-ski, jouncing along the ocean waves that deferentially lap the sand dunes near his Bahamas mansion.
Early in the narrative, we find a glimmer of hope: after Adoniram ignores his wife's initial request for more information about the new barn he is building, "he hurried the horse into the farm wagon, and clattered out of the yard, jouncing as sturdily on his seat as a boy" (Freeman 449).
She resolved that flouncing, jouncing, and bouncing were for her.
The simulator tests yaw, camber, and response to braking, jouncing, vertical acceleration, and lateral acceleration, Ingalls said.
that we were jouncing along the white-capped lake surface with the
Shrewd enough to realize that a polished, Merchant-Ivory treatment of such material would be unendurable, von Trier adopted a visual style he had seen on the American television series Homicide: that faux-documentary look involving lots of handheld cameras nosing here and there, jouncing about, going in and out of focus, combined with an editing style that cuts elliptically within scenes and often cuts away entirely before the primary action or dialogue is complete.
Those four jouncing syllables connote a kind of vast female sexuality that seems almost ridiculously overwhelming.
Or like the French lady of freedom and revolution, Tricia spurred her lover on, pointing out the way to charge forward, the flag of freedom unfurled, her bosom bared, equality symbolized by the perfection of her jouncing hemispheres.
As he leaned from the coach window, jouncing and gaping
Consider the ad for the 19-mile-per-gallon Jeep Wrangler, its beefy tires jouncing up a rock pile in front of a stormy snowcapped mountain ridge.
In misty twilight, student shouts echoing, Stephen's wheelchair jouncing over cobbled streets.
well, in a bouncing, jouncing, body slamming kind of way, it is.