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Synonyms for jounce

a sudden jarring impact


Related Words

move up and down repeatedly


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I hadn't realized how much jounce, as it were, goes into my titles.
The C on his Carlisle shirt jounces against his chest, spotted with sweat, but more white than gray, not soaked through like Sly's, not clinging like sloughing skin.
This allowed more room for a larger engine cradle with a liquid-filled engine mount that isolates engine noise and vibration from the cabin and a powertrain roll restrictor that eliminates the jerking motion that occurs during shifting events as the power train jounces around.
WS 1:42 a.m.: The Sapsuckers are in high spirits as the van jounces out of the swamp.
The bus jounces over a rutted dirt road under a canopy of palm trees to small, white-steepled St.