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Synonyms for jounce

a sudden jarring impact


Related Words

move up and down repeatedly


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A live webcast of each presentation will be available by visiting 'Events & Presentations' in the Investors and Media section of Jounce's website at
Prior to Jounce Therapeutics, Cole served as chief business officer at ARIAD Pharmaceuticals from 2014 to 2017 and was previously at Shire Pharmaceuticals as senior vice president, Strategic Planning and Program Management from 2012 to 2014, Global Franchise Leader from 2009 to 2012, and head of Business Development for Shire's rare disease business from 2007 to 2009.
Sharma, Jounce, Kite Pharma, Evelo, Neon, and Constellation.
(, showed off the Pressblower DSE 260, which has been newly upgraded for production of automotive jounce bumpers (or spring aids) of DuPont's Hytrel copolyester TPE (photo), replacing older designs of non-recyclable rubber or microcellular PUR, or PP filled with PUR foam.
Wolchok disclosed that he is a consultant for Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genentech, Jounce Therapeutics, Medimmune, Merck, Polaris, Polynoma, Potenza, Tizona, Ziopharm, F-Star, Beigene, Lilly, Advaxis, and Sellas, and that he receives grant/ research support from Bristol-Myers Squibb.
When a car moves over a bump, the suspension spring is compressed producing a Jounce effect and as it returns over the neutral position carrying the return stroke energy it gets restored which is called as Rebound.
The two day conference will feature speakers representing organizations such as Dendreon Pharmaceuticals, Medical Oncology Service Center for Cancer Research, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Novartis Oncology Translational Research, Discovery Research Jounce Therapeutics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Merck Research Laboratories, Massachusetts General Hospital, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Boston Medical Centre, Harvard Institutes of Medicine.
During the event, DuPont Performance Materials highlighted the cost savings and performance gains achieveable through the use of its Hytrel thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) in jounce bumpers as a replacement for polyurethane foam.
As manufacturers continue to look for cost-effective ways of bringing lower emissions and more fuel-efficient cars to market, the company offers several solutions, including opportunities to reduce vehicle mass without compromising safety through the use of Vizilon thermoplastic composites in different structural applications; significant costs savings and performance gains through the use of Hytrel thermoplastic elastomer in jounce bumpers as a replacement for incumbent foam polyurethane; and the latest applications of the firm's portfolio of high temperature tolerant materials such as Zytel nylon resin, and Hytrel and Vamac ethylene acrylic elastomer to enable the downsizing of engines.
A strut assembly comes assembled and includes all new parts (where applicable): strut, spring, spring seat insulator, strut boot, jounce bumper, strut mount and bearing plate.
Combined to form the top mount, the actual bearing, the jounce bumper and the dust tube for the shock absorber can be functionally integrated and achieve good damping and acoustics.
Since their standardised effects are greater that this limit, [A.sub.9z] and [A.sub.10z] are predicted as the factors which directly affect the ftV during jounce and rebound.
The ULV is 5.06 metres long, 2.43 metres wide, 2.05 metres high in operation (height is reduced to 1.83 metres for air transport as ground clearance can be varied between 127 and 584 mm by virtue of Liquid Spring Technologies compressible liquid adaptive suspension system with a 457 mm stroke fitted with integrated elastomeric jounce bumper).
Based on data developed from industry standard jounce and squirm tests, a driver's seat, for example, can have a pair of bolsters on either side with a hard firmness rating of 41 N, a soft rear section of 22 N, a low-mid firmness rating of 26 N in the center, and a high-mid firmness rating of 30 N at the front end.