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write briefly or hurriedly


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While that's a great idea in theory, even well-intentioned efforts to keep receipts, jot down spending, etc., can fall by the wayside.
Jot down dimensions on an erasable whiteboard and never mess up any instructional guidelines by sliding your iPad or tablet in a stand to view how-to YouTube videos.
With respect to "Fireflies: A Writer's Notebook", Coleen Murtagh Paratore (who has had 19 of her books published since 2004 and is perhaps best known for her novel "The Wedding Planner's Daughter), has created a resource in which aspiring writers can jot down their ideas and observations which may well be occasionally inspired by a sprinkling of inspirational prompts and advisory citations.
Heading the Committee, Ogassapian said that it was the duty of the International Community, including the World Bank, the United Nations, and major donor countries, to jot down a realistic plan which doesn't only budget for the reconstruction of Syria, but also for Lebanon to recover from the gigantic direct and indirect repercussions of the Syrian crisis.
The star letter "Bus system needs a serious upgrade" (GDN, May 22) prompted me to jot down a few words on the issue.
The guide also explains how to use Siri to get facts and figures, find directions, play music, make phone calls, search the web, jot down notes and see the weather report.
In the next column, jot down all the information you want to learn about eggs.
Flexible inspection camera, pounds 89.95 from 3 COOL RUNNINGS Jot down short notes for your family and friends on the voice recorder and radio built into the front panel of this fridge.
The book says Marilyin would jot down recipes on any paper that came to hand, including a letter from an insurance firm.
In the comfort of my home I jot down those waypoints and load them into the GPS when I get to the airport.
Sometimes you want to use an actual pen and paper to jot down notes and brilliant thoughts, but without being accused a paper waster.
You'll need another helpful tool - Holmes's notebook - to jot down clues, as The Mystery Of The Mummy does offer a challenge to your powers of logic and exploration.
Keep a pad and pencil near the bed to jot down reminders.
It has an 8 digit calculator for working out measurements and also has a handy note pad so that you can jot down your calculations.