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Synonyms for jostling

the act of jostling (forcing your way by pushing)


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Agartala (Tripura) [India], Feb 18 ( ANI ): Battle lines have been drawn for today's poll for the 60-member Tripura Assembly where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the ruling Left Front are jostling for the attention of voters.
I'm He said: "There was a scuffle between both parties following a lot of jostling in the crowd.
Doug Aitken Migration (303 Gallery at Art Basel) Amid the jostling crowds at Art Basel last June, Aitken's Migration, 2008, provided something of a refuge.
Newplayer momentum physics, authentic jostling for the ball and more variation in tackling ensure this hits the spot, and expanding the Be A Pro mode to a 'career' option provides depth for single-players.
Blues coach Dai Young calls the words: "A little bit of jostling.
It may be jostling for space with the likes of Gran Turismo, Burnout and Project Gotham, but this baby qualifies pretty high up the grid, even if the car count feels a little on the low side.
Peugeot driver Toby Cooke, 25, and another motorist in a VW Polo were seen jostling for position as they left roadworks on the M1 at Luton before both pulled off the road and got into a punch-up.
REFEREES are to crack down on jostling in the penalty area before free kicks and corners Uefa said yesterday in a move which could see more yellow cards shown.
Unmoored from the ebb and flow of the script, jostling one another side by side, the dances that were pure genius on Broadway lose their context and the emotional punch that they carry in the theater.
Jostling with one another, the combination of both views explain, in part, the inner workings of the Israeli society as much as they illuminate on the inner tension of Israeli society.
One thing that sets this novel apart is that Raboteau's exploration of identity goes beyond "the black and white of it," beyond the biracial context to the human need for visibility and unconditional love and acceptance--as seen, for example, through Uncle Luscious's jostling for recognition in the face of B.
The crowd quickly turned into a mob, all jostling for a chance to shoot a friend.
The millions of jostling tourists pouring in and out of Florence's train station each year not only pay for the upkeep of the city's treasures and hospitality industry, they are the reason so many of its clerks, waiters, and guides speak so many languages.
Live had a lengthy criminal record that included 10 arrests since 1973 and convictions for selling drugs, assault, robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, grand larceny, disorderly conduct, jostling and criminal mischief.