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  • verb

Synonyms for josh

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for josh

be silly or tease one another

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Josh "Birmingham Children's Hospital means everything to us - they have been there for our family through the toughest of times and we are forever grateful for the work they do.
Gok says: "It was an absolute pleasure to meet Josh at my Fashion Brunch club in Wales, he was brilliant and so interested in fashion.
The portfolio includes award-winning wines from Australia: [yellow tail], [yellow tail] Bubbles, Peter Lehmann, Peter Lehmann Clancy's California: Eppa SupraFruta Sangria, Girard Winery, Joseph Carr, Josh Cellars, Josh Cellars Reserve, Kunde Family Estate, The Calling; France: Andre Lurton, Cave de Lugny, Fleurs de Prairie, Hob Nob Vineyards, Sauvion et Fils; Washington: Skyfall; Italy: Barone Fini, Villa Pozzi; New Zealand: The Crossings; Portugal: Quinta Do Vale Meao; Spain: Mar De Frades, Cruz de Alba, Ramon Bilbao; Argentina: Clos de los Siete; Ruta 22; and award-winning spirits from Poland: Luksusowa Vodka; Italy: Villa Massa[R] Limoncello; Spain: Licor 43[R]; Redemption Whiskey, Bib & Tucker Bourbon; Canada: Masterson's Rye.
BRIGHT Josh was described as a promising young soldier
When Melanie arrived, he asked her how she was but she only said, 'Take care of Josh first.
Hundreds attended the funeral of Josh Llwyd-Hopcroft (right)
At the top of the rise, Josh thanks him and tells him he's been caught on film.
Rye Hills pupil Maisie Nixon with Josh and fellow student Jason Floyd IAN MCINTYRE
Josh is 28 years old and has been painting since the age of 15.
A modern day Ender Wiggins, Josh eventually decides that a strong defense is not reason enough to cause pain.
Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster in the ITV soap, was in rainy Manchester last week while England youth international Josh, 21, was downing cocktails by a pool in Dubai and enjoying a hug from a mystery girl.
Phill says: "It's staggering anyone could think it's appropriate for Josh to be so far away.
Josh said: "Fighting Leukaemia was a huge challenge for Abbie, so my challenge had to be big.
The quietly toned illustrations contribute significantly to the text as in spite of the underlying implacable seriousness in the story they work to convey a sense of resolve, vitality and, at times, even celebration in the shifting moods and shared experiences of Gracie, Josh and their mother.
But Josh, 20, was killed when the car he was a passenger in, being driven by 22-year-old Adam Thomas Pembridge, crashed into a tree at speed after hitting a roundabout and railings in the early hours of March 1 at the A4102 High Street, Penydarren.