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a Chinese rice gruel eaten for breakfast


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a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox

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It's not even past." Until I experienced the scene at J.R.'s house, I thought his kind of jook party was a thing of the past.
As stated earlier, the snap dancing was observed in at a small Bankhead nightclub called "The Poole Palace." The Poole Palace is a modern day juke joint or jook house.
(engineer) Kual Menyang Jook as co-chairman of the joint political and security committee, Steven Dio Daw as the chairman of the economic committee and Deng Majak as chairman of the committee on Abyei.
No artigo "De Jook to Joints para Espaco entre Irmas: O papel da Natureza em ambientes alternativos lesbicos nos Estados Unidos", de Nancy C.
"Taking a thorough Jook at your household kbudget, making some imple money-saving changes and being realistic about how much you really need to spend on things for your baby will ensure you and your family get off to a flying start." She stresses that
Jell On Jook, the youngest in the team, has the most room for improvement.
Wai Hung got the bird, plucked it, and had the cook make us san gai jook [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (rice gruel with chicken).
"Amazing Murder," has a chunk chopped Halloween beat by Big Jook, and features Gott spewing lunatic raps about holding hostages at his grandma's house, demons in his mind and helicopters overhead.
Regional differences were evidenced in the regionally specific names of certain secular dances such as "Virginny Breakdown," "Texas Tommy," the "Charleston" or the "Black Bottom," named for a tough southern neighborhood in the "Jook" section of Nashville, Tennessee, around Fourth Avenue.
They spend their money at the "jook," where "pianos live three lifetimes in one" and where "the blues are made and remade" every night.
At Jim's Jook Joint in Savannah, Jones, in a straw hat, gambles with Jeff, who is using crooked dice.
Sperrit [spirit] walking on wire Jook [poke] he foot in the fire (19) To the north, in Orange Creek, instead of donning actual masks, Jankunu revelers would sometimes coat their faces with white powder (20)--a widespread practice in Central and West Africa, as well as among the Maroon peoples of the Guianas, where it symbolizes, among other things, the ancestral dead and the spiritual power emanating from them.