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Synonyms for jonquil

widely cultivated ornamental plant native to southern Europe but naturalized elsewhere having fragrant yellow or white clustered flowers

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often used colloquially for any yellow daffodil

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Narcissus pseudonarcissus, Narcissus poeticus recurvus and many jonquils can be purchased from bulb specialists as dry bulbs, but neither cyclamineus or bulbocodium store well and are best bought in growth in pots.
Above the harsh desert of Tenpi lies Jonquil, a land of clouds and sky; a fierce resistance force struggles to restore Queen Zehn to her throne, while the Dark One's army threatens to devour all hope.
As professional animal communicators and Reiki masters, Thom and Jonquil Williams have been helping their clients around the world with all types of pet behavior, health and wellness assistance.
In it, we're blinded by gold, the hanging fastness of gold, and feel a sense of vanishing into the pattern of the whole, or perhaps willingly becoming part of it, comprised as it is of thread and weft, gold upon gold-- Or else perhaps this place of ornament and gold is the Art Nouveau robe in which the two of us are wrapped and is bright as Renaissance haloes and Byzantine gold-leaf slashed in purple, jonquil and Florentine green and shawled by these chandeliers, hemmed in glittery crystal; and even though we sit the width of a cloth apart and are attended by waiters who are kindly but cool we like to be so wrapped, wrapped together until mere shape in a field of sensation, and turned fold by fold-- impulse by impulse--into fabulous, old scrolled gold.
Sansha, "Jonquil" legwarmers, #KS001, $12,
We often use the names "daffodil," "narcissus," and "jonquil" interchangeably, though in fact the American Daffodil Society notes that only the first two are synonyms, the former the common general name for the flower and the latter its Latin or botanical name.
"His Machiavellian halfbrother, Jonquil, was a Listed winner in Dubai.
I can recommend the jonquil daffodils for growing in pots.
Jonquil, owned by Fawzi Abdulla Nass, trained by Fawzi Nass and to be ridden by Stephane Ladjadj, is expected to win the Goys President's Cup, an open race, which carries a cash prize of BD1,600 and to be run over 1,400 metres, starting at 4.20pm.
Latest odds: 2/1 Asiatic Boy (ARG), 9/4 Kirklees (IRE), 11/2 Happy Boy (BRZ), 8/1 Tiz Now Tiz Then (USA), 10/1 Muhannak (IRE), 12/1 Art Of War (SAF), 14/1 Merchant Marine (USA), 20/1 Hearthstead Maison (IRE), 33/1 Lucky Ray (ARG), 33/1 Dynamic Saint (USA), 50/1 Jonquil (IRE), 50/1 Glen Nevis (USA), 50/1.
Essential Guide to Pensions by Jonquil Lowe costs pounds 9.99 from all good bookshops.
Ildiko Szabo won the top prize in the mask category for a trio of masks including one in white crochet; runners up were Jonquil McVey and Lee-Ann Pritchard.
Gary William Crawford's "Death, Rebirth, and Existentialism in Fritz Leiber" analyzes the effect of the death of Fritz Leiber's wife Jonquil on his later work.