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Synonyms for jolted

bumped or shaken jerkily

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disturbed psychologically as if by a physical jolt or shock


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5 magnitude on Richter scale, jolted Swat, Mingora and adjoining areas on Tuesday at 10 am.
In his video, the quake jolted even the sea bed where sand rose and rocks glided as the ground under the sea rumbled.
1 magnitude quake also jolted Isabela Tuesday morning.
On Saturday the East Azarbaijan province was jolted by two strong quakes which killed 306 people and wounded around 5,000 others.
1 : to move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion <The train jolted to a stop.
When the fault ruptured in the Southern Ocean, the two plates suddenly jolted sideways in opposite directions.
7 on Richter scale and 5 on Japanese scale, jolted Akita, Akita Prefecture, and other parts in the region, killing 104 people.
In this test, a specimen is jolted on a platform while it is under the weight of a cone-shaped weight.
4 earthquake jolted the Hollywood Hills between Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills on Tuesday, followed by a magnitude-3.