jolly along

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cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful

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Concentrating on the oeuvre of Robert Seymour [1798-1836], the author argues that "social aspiration" was understood as a "socially disruptive force" and that humor was deployed to visually and literally "jolly along" social change (145).
While whisky is the traditional tipple to sling back and pipe in the haggis, why not serve a Burns Night cocktail or some sumptuous wines for a contemporary twist on the evening, and jolly along your tavern friends.
Many of us grew up with bikes, trikes, skateboards, rollerskates etc, but few of us were allowed to jolly along down the middle of the streets with them.
However, the favourite's hopes were dashed at the second bend as Fear Armani decided on a spot of sightseeing, wandering off into the wilderness of Birmingham and taking the jolly along for company!
Ninety minutes of football later, Salisbury's decision to jolly along to the visitors' dressing-room was looking misguided.
Substitute playground for pub and my children have the same philosophy so not only do I have to summon up the energy and fake enthusiasm to shift myself out into the freezing cold air, I have to jolly along three rebellious children who don't see at all why they should have to go out and get cold when they would rather be watching Christmas with the Simpsons and playing with new toys.