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The agency, which hopefully will be abolished shortly and is never absent from jollifications and social events here, however inappropriate some people think they may be, waited until the last minute to contribute towards the restoration of the festival site but has now done so.
Lots of jollifications will be 'rockerish' as it should be in the 'Nights.' During the day everyone who wants to test their vocal skills will have a chance to take part in rock karaoke contests.
Amid the neo-Stalinist personality cult of Darwin's bicentennial jollifications, it is all too easy in 2009 to forget various anniversaries of those individuals who, by contrast, actually benefited mankind.
November will bring our birthday party with a very special cake, then December promises yet more goodies and some jollifications.
Christmas is the time when you hear the following statements during discussions on Christmas jollifications:-
I mean have you recovered from the jollifications of Christmas - all that coming together and family rejoicing.
I loved the 1977 jollifications and I'm sad I'm not up for this one.
The Santas are put back on the fire engine and the procession continues its jollifications. Finishing in Kings Square in Copenhagen, a Santa Cabaret has been organised including a tone-deaf version of The Beatles' Help!
COMMENTATORS are used to dealing with large fields, but hopefully Richard Hoiles will have no trouble with 50 runners at his wedding this afternoon and another 70 friends turning up to help the jollifications this evening.
Kernan wrote in 1885 that in Dooley's Long-Room "there has come off more Irish jollifications, benefit balls, raffles for stoves, primary meetings, and political rows than in any other public place in the city." In the antebellum years, he noted, "Dooley's Long-Room was as famed in politics as was ever Tammany all.
In the decades before 1500, new secular jollifications joined them in the town and village calendar.
"Ye-es?" Was careful because I couldn't actually remember what happened with ex-wife in midst of New Year jollifications. Was prepared to plead insanity if necessary.
Johnson's underlying seriousness is shown by his daring juxtaposition of these jollifications with poetry of a high order, among them Porth Ceiriad Bay, written years before on his first visit to Lleyn: