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Lightning Seeds, Manchester O2 Ritz March 28, 2020 With less than a month to go until they release the 25 year anniversary reissue of Jollification, Lightning Seeds have announced they will be performing the album across a six date UK tour in March 2020.
New Delhi [India] Sep 6 ( ANI ): As India continues to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision to decriminalise Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), everyone from activists to the common man is engulfed in the jollification.
The Lightning Seeds, led by Ian Broudie, are a Liverpool band, best known for their album Jollification. Broudie is also known for writing and recording the sporting anthem 3 Lions, which topped the charts in 1996 and 1998 due to the Euro '96 football tournament.
'It will be an entirely informal "jollification" as my grandmother used say!
[a]bout summer when the woods were green and old Silenus on his fat donkey would come to visit them, and sometimes Bacchus himself, and then the streams would run with wine instead of water and the whole forest would give itself up to jollification for weeks on end.
Ian Broudie had announced it as their "punk song" at a gig the previous month and it was seen as the rockiest track the band had released so far from their Jollification album.
All the very best for a most enjoyable Christmas full of jollification and to a better future for North East England as 2015 beckons its opportunity to us all.
Modestly tell Sonnets and be jollification with the name of Ramah, azib and sol.
More jollification as |preparations intensify ahead of the big weekend
It seems Travers could not abide Disney's fluffy, colourful, jollification of the world for children.
Depicted here is a typical tavern scene in Lower Canada, with soldiers and civilians engaging in a jollification. (PAINTING By EUGENE LELIEPVRE, COURTESY PARKS CANADA)
that Peter was determined to risk the whole work by being clever-clever" with this climactic "note of rude and vulgar jollification"; the anthem's effect "was just childishly insolent and couldn't have provoked anything other than puzzled boredom in an audience." He asked Brook to drop it; in return, Olivier would end the playing of "God Save the Queen" altogether.
(33) Under normal circumstances, the various communities of Montreal acknowledged shared values: thrift, hard work, looking after the nephew or grandson, and a judicious mixture of sobriety and jollification. In the recurrent failures of the market economy, however, severe pressure on the several ethnic communities challenged the solidarity of each, irritated the relations between them, and produced those crises of governance that have preoccupied the historians of Canada's 1830s and 1840s decades.
The commission announced that after "wind[ing] up the GREAT NATIONAL SPORT with a big jollification and ...
AS Christmas approaches, most of us can look forward to a period of jollification and time spent with loved ones and friends.