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Critics have constantly raised their eyebrows at the mixture of serious and comic elements in the book, at the combination of private and public allusions, at its mix of history and fantasy, but above all, at its ostensible, if joky, claim to be a biography.
But a truly insecure, sensitive soul once lurked beneath that joky demeanour - and he bares it for an outstanding autobiography.
Here are some of my all-time favorite squares, ranging from a joky little 1-by-1 up to a 12-by-12 attempt.
IT'S a joky cliche that bridesmaids should find romance - or at least a fling - at weddings.
No scenes had to be reshot but a number of joky lines about the royal wedding had to be edited out.
When Punch magazine door stepped her at home with some joky set- up for an article, she was haughty and humourless.
Wives are mentioned, for example, and the families of the men are given a casual reference, and there is a joky suggestion of sexual unorthodoxy.
Quick with a friendly greeting, They were gentle, joky men --Certainly not ambitious, Perhaps not intelligent Unless about a car, Their work one thing they knew They could for certain do With a disinterest And passionate expertise To which they gave their best Desires and energies.
It's the genuinely joky tone that lifts this smart shocker right out of the rut.
Jeff Grant writes "I see Michael Helsem has posted a joky definition for ANTELARITY [a coinage in Jeff's 10-square in the Nov 1995 Word Ways] on a neologisms website."
The lovebirds canoodle in the bath, disappear under a table and even boil a (cuddly toy) bunny in a joky reference to Michelle's jealousy.
Cryer has a great rock and roll voice and in the 50s he recorded a cover version of the joky classicPurple People Eater.
This is a deftly handled comedy with some serious questions about reality and makebelieve, emotions and acting, misunderstanding and jealousy, all of it well-anchored by deceptively joky references to the really serious issues in life.
Clooney is superb and Pitt is quietly brilliant but then everyone is great, although it's Garcia, Reiner and (in what's really a guest spot cameo complete with joky 'and introducing...' credit) Roberts who just nudge past the finishing line first.
But the joky skipper's hype was unnecessary as nature provided all the excitement we needed, if on this occasion no dolphins.