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Synonyms for jokingly

in jest


not seriously

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You know, I mean jokingly. You know, come on run with me man," Biden replied, according to The News Journal.
Appeared to be in a jovial mood, Najib jokingly answered 'what?' when reporters responded to his tease and asked back, 'you should be telling us.'
Two workers have been accused of causing their friend's death when one of them "jokingly" pushed the man into the sea.
However if this does not work, Laham said that jokingly hitting her is acceptable.
Moussa Sissoko has admitted that Newcastle United received "offers" for his signature this summer - and has jokingly valued himself at "[euro]100million" ([pounds sterling]74m).
Alan Rothwell, BTR race director, jokingly wrestled the World Santa Dash Challenge "Santaz" trophy from Linda Smith, associate director of the Las Vegas charity, Opportunity Village.
The Daily Record is happy to make clear that Ms McKelvie, who has always been a staunch "yes" campaigner and "not a sleeper agent for the pro Unionist movement" as jokingly claimed, did not say that she believed that the claims by the Twitter conspiracy theorists were correct.
TV star Amy Poehler's boyfriend yesterday jokingly told Bono to "watch his back" after he kissed her at the Golden Globes.
The agency jokingly refers to these violations as LOVEINT, a play on the operation names for HUMINT (human intelligence) and SIGINT (signal intelligence).
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A man in the Marmara province of Yalova was reportedly kidnapped and tortured after he jokingly told an acquaintance he had found a treasure, media reports said on Tuesday.
Noble did his impersonation as he bantered with panellist Paul Merton and made a gag that actors in a fast food advert had trained at the John Merrick Academy of Drama, as he jokingly performed the famous line "I am not an animal" from the film.
Summary: Ed Balls has denied diving to win a penalty in a football match - but jokingly admitted the linesman was a Labour councillor!
His fiancee Kathryn Watkins had jokingly set him a target of a medal to agree to marriage.
JOKINGLY, we asked the Parklands player, Samantha Taylor, what made her pass up the honour of competing in the Northumberland Final of The Journal Ladies Trophy for the English Girls Championship.
The music boss, 51, jokingly assessed the new judges for ex-lover Jackie St Clair, 52.