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characterized by jokes and good humor

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But the "only joking" defence can obviously be misused by people - and, basically, misused all the time by those who want to justify something they know they shouldn't have said - to get away with it, essentially.
Mu Li's paper, I lacked information on the tradition of joking in Chinese culture, especially the factors that affect transmission.
I tried to joke with him again, but he did an about-face from joking to fury.
BILL: Being friendly is showing politeness: "Hi, how are you?" Joking is trying to make someone laugh: "Hey, what's with the hair?" And flirting is trying to get someone to notice you: "Hey, do you like this dress on me?
Forklift was remanded to the lower courts, a judge ruled that, while the company owner's vulgar joking did not constitute sexual harassment before Harris told him she found it offensive, the plaintiff was entitled to a damage award of $130,000 on the basis of single crude remark her boss made about a month after she asked him to stop.
On the other hand, Diego is joking. You have to take it like that.
One variation on this theme is the pervasive use of insider nicknames which, observes one respondent, "handicapped people can get away with so long as they are joking amongst one another." Getting more specific, this same student says he "can go up to my disabled friend and say 'hi crip' without them getting bent out of shape...because we both know where each is coming from." Thus one way in which this in-group appears to solidify itself is through the exchange of self-deprecating nicknames which outsiders are not permitted to use.
Joking behavior and work-group humor, however, are present virtually everywhere that people congregate to earn a living--in the deepest coal mine in West Virginia, at a sunny beach resort in California, on a sanitation truck in Philadelphia, and in the high-tech offices in every major city in the United States.
How do you know if President Rodrigo Duterte was indeed joking about him taking marijuana?
Palace defends Duterte's marijuana joke !-- -- Christina Mendez (The Philippine Star) - December 5, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Malacantildeang yesterday defended President Duterte's statement about "taking marijuana," saying he was just joking. Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo reiterated Duterte's admission on Monday night that his lighthearted disclosure was meant to attract audience attention.
Just a few days after an old video of him using racial slurs at age 15, the Canadian heartthrob is facing yet another racism scandal with the emergence of another video of killing joking about killing black people.