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So at their anniversary party this weekend, they have jokily told their guests that unless they are coming with a pair of Rolex watches, they can make a donation to charity instead.
But be sure you do it jokily or you could have a mutiny on your hands
Sterne draws whimsically here on Locke and Malebranche by way of Addison's Spectator, and it is the pervasiveness of the late-seventeenth-century and eighteenth-century anxieties jokily rendered in Walter's speech that is the subject of Stuart Sherman's fine book.
Her film producer Stephen Belafonte jokily pointed where it was slashed to the hip.
He picked up the player's passport from the control desk and shot a quick clip of him jokily asking Snapchat followers whether he should burn the document, so that the star would have to stay in the country, or put it back.
He wasn't even embarrassed about his tatty footwear, jokily tweeting a picture with the caption: "Anyone else wearing their slippers to work?
Cilla, meanwhile, who pointed out that she hadn't lived in Liverpool for 50 years, seemed to be in a particularly playful mood, jokily telling her fellow guest: "You are dead common and you are dead Liverpool.
DAVID Cameron jokily called Nick Clegg an "idle f***r" - after hearing his deputy was out with his wife while he was busy working.
He jokily told his son to enjoy the next 24 hours as the fastest cross-Channel kite-surfer because he aimed to take the title from him.
opposition were jokily demanding an inquiry when Andy produced Robbie Earle as a team-mate.
She has jokily claimed "I am clearly not important enough.
Greeted with warm handshakes, we were introduced to the Totty from Splott - Lynn Bowles - and jokily offered the remains of the pie that Wogan had been munching on throughout that day's show.
Weinberg jokily said that Lincoln might have let the fly off scot-free, and thus would not have left the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) upset.
Webster, in contrast, jokily referred to the fact that he had been dynamite with his doubles in his 5-0 romp past a wretched Michael van Gerwen, his one and only success in three matches over the past few days.
A low-key comedy high on charm and credible twentysomething observation, Jesse Rosen's debut feature, "The Art of Being Straight," stars the writer-director as a possibly-coming-out newbie in Los Angeles whose puzzling over his sexual identification isn't helped by his jokily insensitive straight buds.