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Synonyms for jokester

a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

Synonyms for jokester

a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes


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Office jokesters must be ready with a funny comeback if they drop a clunker, making sure to deliver it in a warm, nonsarcastic tone, says Michael Kerr, a Calgary, Alberta, speaker, author and consultant on humor at work.
Supah Ninjas: Mike Fukanaga thought dealing with his jokester best friend, Owen Reynolds and trying to win the heart of his long time crush Amanda Mckay would be the biggest challenges in high school.
The 26-year-old jokester from Maesteg was mobbed by fans while working at Asda in Tonypandy, and says it's all been a bit of a whirlwind.
Sosa's discussion of the distinction and its application to given cases proceeds using the kaleidoscope example referred to in the passage just quoted: a case in which you see a red surface, but where the lighting is controlled by a jokester who might just as easily have presented you with a white surface/red lighting situation as with the actual red surface/normal lighting situation.
COMEDIAN Terry Alderton has been performing on the stand-up circuit for nearly 20 years, so it's perhaps surprising that the Perrier Award-nominated jokester has only now decided to tour.
In keeping with McCain's jokester character, the campaign decided to have a little fun with the situation.
Cognitivists" say that jokes made at the expense of minority groups carry the suggestion that the jokester, deep down, believes them.
Friends remember him as a jokester, role model, Eagle Scout and someone who wanted to make others happy.
Viewers can superimpose their headshot on top of a virtual jokester, speak all that is on their mind, and then e-mail their creation to friends or embed it on their own blogs or websites.
Like many depressives, Lincoln was both a workaholic and a jokester, and his alternating spells of joke-telling and silent withdrawal were the visible face of his "effort to contain his dark feelings and thoughts.
The jokester would work henway into a couple of sentences like: "We could do it today, but we'd need a henway or two to get the job done.
He was a jokester, a wrestler, and at the age of 7 he had already proven himself a fighter by beating brain cancer.
Beaver's wife and fellow Bobroom jokester, Jennifer Baxter, took a role in the film, just as Jones's real-life wife, Samantha Bee (a comic actor on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), played his spouse.
Which could have been a bit of laugh: as the jokester sat down, everyone else would be required to stand up.