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Synonyms for joke

Synonyms for joke

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

an object of amusement or laughter

to make jokes; behave playfully

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for joke

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The authors argued "that's what she said" joke cycle is part of a larger discourse that not only becomes culturally commonplace but also reinforces dangerous ideologies that are so entrenched in contemporary life that we end up laughing at something that isn't funny at all.
Tourettes Action said that the joke was about the neurological disorder, not vegetables.
Pia Cayetano welcomed the President's joke. "We should focus on important issues and not on jokes," she said.
The research indicates a laugh track makes people rate dad jokes as being funnier, but spontaneous laughter is more effective than posed laughter.
It aimed to raise awareness regarding jokes that belittle women and that these jokes must not be taken as a source of entertainment and laughter.
If a joke falls flat, the person telling it can look inept or even cruel.
But this year many Sainsbury's customers were left scratching their heads over a rather bizarre joke in the supermarket chain's festive offering.
Duterte first cracked his joke about marijuana in a speech last Monday.
"It's too late to change if I want to joke I will joke.
Victor Raskin and Salvatore Attardo developed the General Theory of Verbal Humour (GTVH) in their article entitled "Script theory revised: joke similarity and joke representation model " (Raskin & Attardo, 1991).
Edited by Elliott Oring, an anthropologist and folklorist who has been writing about jokes for 40 years, The First Book of Jewish Jokes is actually three books in one: a translation of a collection of "witty notions from Jews" published in 1812 by Lippmann Moses Ruschenthal, a former synagogue leader and a one-time newspaper editor; a translation of an earlier collection of "anecdotes, pranks, and notions of the Children of Israel," published by an unknown author under the pseudonym Judas Ascher, that serves as the source of 75 percent of Buschenthal's jokes; and an extended critical argument by Oring about the origins of the Jewish joke and what--if anything--makes a joke "Jewish."
A Virginia woman's two sons, aged 12 and 15, placed an order online to their a local Pizza Hut and requested to have a joke written on the inside of the box.
Tom Heyes sold copies of the joke book, raising a total of PS840 which he split between two good causes.
Officers working on the Al Ameen service -- a hotline through which the public can report crime -- said they have received reports of people sending messages by text or social media to friends to scare them or for a joke.
Seriously Funny is the first English edition of Mexican political scientist Samuel Schmidt's survey of a neglected form of political participation, the joke. Readers should be aware that the emphasis here is on the "serious" rather than the "funny" (perhaps better reflected in the Spanish title, Humor en serio), and that, though the great many jokes included are often quite funny, Schmidt's is a scholarly work drawing on psychological research on humor--defined, citing another scholar, as "the transference of the moral for the scientific" (p.25)--and historical and political science analyses of Mexican politics.