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beam used to support floors or roofs

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M2 EQUITYBITES-January 9, 2018-Black Diamond Completes Acquisition of Joist/Deck Manufacturer Valley Joist
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 5, 2018-Black Diamond acquires Valley Joist
International Resource News-March 2, 2017--Nucor acquires Omega Joist assets
In some cases of large damage, the severe corrosion of the lower level of tendons of a joist causes the spalling of the lower concrete cover.
Install a straight 2x4 on the worst joist, and use that as a reference to snap lines on walls.
The basic recommendation is 270mm thick, which is usually rolled out between 600mm joist centres, or 400mm in older properties.
The solution now is either take the rest of the chimney breast out or fit steel joists beneath all three edges of the stack, building the joist ends into the party wall and making sure you don't damage next door's side of the wall!
Edison, NJ, May 09, 2012 --( Starborn Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer and international distributor of premium fastening products, has introduced Deckfast[R] Metal for the fast growing market of steel joist deck framing systems.
Clean the part of the ceiling where the rose will go using a sugar-soap solution, leave to dry, then find the ceiling joists using an electric joist detector or by tapping the ceiling - you should be able to hear where the joists are.
Pfister Energy, a turnkey solar and renewable energy system installer, announced that the Bergen County Parking Garage Solar Canopy project, a project spearheaded by Pfister Energy, has been awarded the Steel Joist Institute's 2011 Design Award.
Fix the board to the joist with nails or screws, using two fixings at each point that the board crosses a joist.
* If the end of the floorboard isn't resting on a joist, give it the support it needs by lifting up the board and screwing a 25mm x 50mm batten of wood to the side of the joist.
TOOLS AND MATERIALS: Chop saw, drill driver, jigsaw, tape measure, pencil, spirit level, string line 6in x 2in joists and beams, 100mm screws (measure up first for quantities), angle brackets (three per joist) Top Tip: To ensure you have a level surface, you can lay timber panels on the ground first to act as the foundations.