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(law) an estate secured to a prospective wife as a marriage settlement in lieu of a dower

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(10) Once again, this legal strategy represented a move away from collective custom, signified by dower and coverture, towards greater individual choice and control, with jointures tied directly to the value of portions.
As the narrator reveals, "La nuit, dans ma chambre d'hotel [...] le vent a siffle a travers les jointures des fenetres et de la porte [...] j'imagine le temps passe, j 'imagine Mary, disparue, je pense a sa voix qui chantait le blues, a sa jeunesse, a ma jeunesse" (13-14).
Nous fumes Diamanda quand elle se fit tatouer sur les jointures des mains : we are all HIV+.
Family jointures and entails caused financial hardship and the disposal of land to fund these financial obligations saw a large tenant, Robert Jessop, accumulate 800 acres by 1706.
Jointures to the surviving dowager countesses of Wilton, coupled with the preference for their Melton Mowbray estate, meant that the sale of the Manchester estate was the only solution to their financial position.
Le jeu est avant tout ce vide qui permet de dire qu'il y a du jeu : dans les pieces d'un engrenage, dans les jointures, dans une penture, etc.
The odd beauty attained by Home, its method of fitting together with her Pulitzer Prize-winning previous novel, Gilead (2004), the moral discoveries that her characters seem almost to demand of themselves--these are in fact also matters of craft and can be studied in the lathing of the novel's planks, the jointures of its corners.
Une serie de jointures spatiales a permis de confronter les surfaces meteorologiques avec les points de signalisation.
Qu'un ciron lui offre, dans la petitesse de son corps, des parties incomparablement plus petites, des jambes avec des jointures, des veines dans ses jambes, du sang dans ses veines, des humeurs dans ce sang, des gouttes dans ces humeurs, des vapeurs dans ces gouttes.
and jointures, lands and houses, revenues, "plate and gold",
Floor/wall jointures should be covered and sealed to prevent harborage.
(15) Although devices such as uses, trusts, and jointures "usually released women from the shackles of coverture only by transferring reliance on husbands to reliance on family members or trustees," they did enable women to protect their interests and to curb their husbands' "wholesale rights of bounty and possession." (16)
We must destroy them and we must form jointures and bring the best teachers and the best equipment under one roof.