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(law) an estate secured to a prospective wife as a marriage settlement in lieu of a dower

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All Jointure Child Enrichment programs will foster skills such as self-regulation, communication, socialization, problem solving, negotiation, and critical thinking while engaging children with fun activities.
Shakespeare characteristically probes the stress lines in the jointure between the private and corporate persons at the same time that he probes the centrifugal energies inherent in the several stations of royal vocation.
Dennison declared, he would make over one half of his estate immediately to his son, and that his daughter-in-law should be secured in a jointure of four hundred" (303).
Experiential and interactive--the totemite listens to the Dreaming, addresses the Dreaming-place when approaching it, and joins together with the Dreaming in animus during ceremony thereby achieving a mystical jointure and entering into the being of the Divine.
Just as Vogue, in a supreme tautology, puts out something it calls the Fashion Issue, so "Making Worlds" has simply adopted the structure of the other, individual presentations in the events and pavilions, thereby declaring as its principle the banal jointure of nation-states and artworks.
Nur said that under the current political jointure the formation of large democratic government could be a valid solution to end the Darfur conflict.
37) This was done to settle these properties on Alice as her jointure, which would provide for her if she should outlive her husband.
The jointure and interaction of the best technical and technological solutions that are produced by European specialized companies.
The meditation on the death of her husband in September of 1670 reflects a great sense of loss, but also resentment toward her stepson, and a good deal of self-justification in her presentation; not coincidentally, to the end of her life, Halkett struggled with finances, in particular with the payment of her jointure.
La partie la plus importante en volume des recherches realisees a ce jour a la jointure entre les programmes d'analyse des questions environnementales et de l'economie de la proximite porte sur la question des conflits d'usage et de voisinage.
You must have noticed that curve, that jointure of neck to shoulder, less gaudy than some angles and bends of the body, a subtlety verging on arrogance especially when a gleam, light--sun or candle--touched just as she turned her head to catch you looking, to catch, like an angler who misses the fish's mouth and instead catches your eye.
Among Japanese companies, Kobelco set up the first hydraulic excavator jointure in China in September 1994.
This vote and the jointure of our two companies will mean a great deal to shareholders, customers, employees, and communities served by both our companies," said Leesport Financial Corp Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Raymond H.
When asked what power he had or has over the lady Christian, he said that he had and has the power to disinherit her from the major part of her lands and tenements, and, unless she would consent to marry Sir Thomas, he would disinherit her forever from the dower and jointure which she had from his brother, Sir Robert Haryngton, because she Christian had no deeds, writings, or other muniments to show for those lands and tenements which were solely within his jurisdiction .