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(law) an estate secured to a prospective wife as a marriage settlement in lieu of a dower

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Its opening "sentence" reads, "In an intention dependent on questions on elsewhere, we betrayed possible jointure in throwing cocoa.
For example, in these plays she notices the prominence of young grooms inheriting volatile fee simple estates and the comparative lack of jointure bargains.
4959) Inspired by this thought, Heidegger, in his Letter on Humanism, says: "Thinking builds upon the house of Being, the house in which the jointure of Being fatefully enjoins the essence of man to dwell in the truth of Being.
com)-- The Jointure, is proud to announce the launch of the Creative Campus at Old York School in Branchburg, NJ.
The flesh of life stripped away, we confront the existential jointure glowing in the gloom.
Les espaces intervertebraux posterieurs de la jointure cranio-rachidienne.
Because of this, even potentially confusing issues such as dower, tails male, jointure, gavelkind and socage are made accessible.
141) that a musical-cosmological fugue is at as important to the construction of Troy's walls as their nigh-impenetrable jointure.
The Portuguese group of commonlands was established in 2002 by the jointure of seven Baldios belonging to seven parishes of Amarante (a Porto's municipality; Figure 1.
Il incarne plutot un espace indetermine, une jointure amovible qui admet d'innombrables articulations possibles et provisoires.
A jointure was the income from money or property set aside from the deceased's estate for the maintenance of the widow; on her death it would follow the rest of the estate to his children or other heirs.
situation, one that exceeds partnership but does not reach the extent of full jointure.
Shakespeare characteristically probes the stress lines in the jointure between the private and corporate persons at the same time that he probes the centrifugal energies inherent in the several stations of royal vocation.
She is not particularly concerned with his aristocratic status, as suggested when she playfully compares him to a snail, who "though he comes slowly he carries his house on his head--a better jointure, I think, than you make a woman" (4.
Dennison declared, he would make over one half of his estate immediately to his son, and that his daughter-in-law should be secured in a jointure of four hundred" (303).