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a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit together

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The jointer's cutter head (Photo 2) spins between a two-part infeed-outfeed table.
While a coulter at heart, Yetter's offering was marketed as a disc jointer. A jointer is an aide (usually in conjunction with a straight coulter blade) shaped like a miniature mold-board to assist in turning under trash ahead of the furrow slice.
Oliver Machinery says its 5240 25-inch jointer planer features a digital thicknessing control, quick-set thickness gauge, variable feed speed and easy-access to the two helical cutterheads.
To smooth and shape the joint, use a brick jointer.
Pointing tools - these would include a couple of buckets, a pointing trowel, a brick jointer, a finger pointing trowel, a large soft brush, paint brushes, watering spray.
** Jointer setup time: This is the time it takes to change each jointer for a new profile.
I think I can handle it and I don't want to take the risk of getting it from the vaccine!" Josh Darling, an 18-year-old cable puller and jointer from Hartlepool, said: "I don't want one.
The 45-year-old cable jointer, who is married to Esther, 52, went for a "lifetime" tracker deal set at 0.35 per cent above the Bank of England's base rate available, from the Dunfermline Building Society.
An electrical jointer apprentice from Staffordshire has been named JTL's best apprentice in the West Midlands region.
Upon entering the sanctuary, guests were greeted by hostesses Constance Davis, Candice Johnson, and Jessica Jointer, who all wore strapless tea-length champagne dresses.
Davidson, 67, claims he was forced to take early retirement through illhealth from his job as a cable jointer with Scottish Power.
Based on the Deming Cycle and the Jointer 7 Step Method, a new systems-based framework for performing continuous improvement has been developed.
Groover (or Jointer); To cut contraction or expansion joints between slabs of fresh concrete, thereby limiting cracking in the surface of the slab.
Also scoring in double figures for the Titans were Carmen Wright with 15, Marikah Wright with 14 and Jacia Jointer with 10.