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having joints or jointed segments

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To achieve true jointedness, USSPACECOM should assume STO planning and execution to include all services, plus coordinated space support from the NRO, civil sector (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, etc.), and commercial/foreign space systems (INTELSAT, INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, SPOT, etc.).
Libicki argues that the creation of such a corps would promote jointedness where it is critically needed (information interoperability), elevate information as an element of war, develop an information-warrior ethos and curriculum, and heighten DOD attention to the global civilian net.[11] This is a long-term view, indeed, that would essentially place all services under the direction of such a command to conduct IW.
Even granted that the physical world might come jointed, the notion that what makes adding more natural than quadding is the prior jointedness of mathematical reality, rather than the way we think about it, is peculiarly unappealing.
Another risk factor is joint laxity, or "double jointedness," prevalent in musicians.