joint venture

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a venture by a partnership or conglomerate designed to share risk or expertise

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A joint venture involves the pooling of two (or more) firms' resources within a common legal organization (Kogut, 1988).
The joint venture is intended to fund the research and development of patentable technology to create pharmaceutical grade extractions from cannabis.
Additionally, the firm's Innkeepers joint venture has completed its non-core hotel disposition strategy with the sale of the last of its 13, non-core hotels last week.
For additional information about the new joint venture, see the form 6-K that iSoftStone filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on September 4, 2012.
The types of businesses that cooperatives establish as joint ventures are examined in a recent research report, Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries of Agricultural Cooperatives, Research Report 226, available for download from USDA at: BCP_Coop_RRs.htm; or, for a free hard copy, send e-mail to: coopinfo@
Dennis Craven, the trust chief financial officer, said, 'We believe the joint venture is going to be very successful for Chatham, Cerberus and our shareholders, and this is a first step toward optimising our equity investment returns in the joint venture.
The mission of the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture is to provide a forum for federal, state, regional and local partners to coordinate and improve the effectiveness of bird conservation planning and implementation in the Atlantic Flyway region of the United States.
The Chinese joint venture represents another major step for Cathay to develop assets-management business as its third core operation, following insurance and banking.
Agrana and Yantai, a producer of a apple juice concentrate, have two joint ventures -- in Xianyang and in Yongji.
LightPath is providing several key elements that are integral to the operation of the joint venture as follows:
Nikko AM is expected to acquire 74.9% of the ordinary stock of the joint venture company while Ambit will own the remainder.
* The six kilometre realignment of Highway 101 and haul bridge for Porcupine Joint Venture;
Joint venture. If alliance members are found to be operating in a joint venture, that might give rise to vicarious liability for those members.
The joint venture, in which Stora Enso will hold 60% of the share capital, is subject to approval by the Chinese authorities.
GreenLeaf Genetics LLC is the industry's first joint venture to outlicense corn and soybean genetics to United States and Canadian seed companies, with potential to expand worldwide.
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